Chicky Cookies 2.0

I know -- I've already made a gajillion chicky cookies. I should move on. But I'm pretty sure I've already told you that I have this little problem where I just make cookies because I want to. Besides...these are totally different. I mean -- look-- there are flowers on these.

I love how one design looks completely different with a change in colors or a different shape of cookie. Sometimes though, it takes me forever to decide on the colors and the shape because of that. I get so nervous. What if I choose the wrong shape? Someone might be offended. Everyone would hate me. No one would eat the cookies and I would have to leave the country -- NOT ideal.

Oh, and apparently, I add flowers to my cookies all the time. I didn't realize this. Someone mentioned it a couple of weeks ago and it surprised me. And I told my husband and he agreed. Not about being surprised, but about the adding flowers all the time. I can't believe I am doing this without even thinking about it! It kind of makes me wonder what other great things I'm doing without knowing. I could be inventing a new kind of space travel and I wouldn't know it unless one of you tells me.

In case you are wondering about these flowers -- they take almost no time and no skill to make. I use a veiner. Which is a totally weird word for a piece of silicone that makes fondant into an instant flower. I got mine HERE from Decorate The Cake. I've never regretted owning it. (How else would I have made all those cherry blossoms?)

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