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my oven is not superman

So...I told you I've been having problems with blogger this week. But get this -- my oven STOPPED WORKING too. Awesome, huh? (Actually, it IS kind of funny in a chocolate-pudding-on-the-wall sort of way.) I suppose its good that they happened at the same time. I mean, if I have nothing to post, I guess its okay that I can't post it anyway.

 Luckily, I have some cookies in reserve for just such an occasion. You know, so no one has to go starving. And by no one, I mean my 3 year old. What will he eat if I can't spend hours in the kitchen baking his favorite dinner full of vegetables and protein to which he will happily sit down at the end of his day and gobble up while telling us how he saved the world by curing cancer? I guess he will have to settle for cookies. Not that I would ever serve him cookies for dinner. And by ever I mean, it probably wouldn't happen.