taking it over the edge

This is the last of the coral and green cookies. I promise. Probably forever. I started these cookies before I made the other two. It was something I really wanted to try. And I'm sure that people the world over have been doing this since the dawn of cookie time, but I haven't, okay?

I thought it would be cool  if some of the design extended past the cookie. (Cool? Does this word date me? Whatever, I don't care. I'm no longer in my twenties. My old-school vocabulary is now part of my charm. Right guys? Come on, where are you all going?)

I made royal icing transfers of the flower/oddly-shaped-star-thing and let it dry for a couple of days. I iced some chocolate cookies white and dropped my little transfer on top. I could have done the same thing with fondant and a lot less drying time, but I didn't. Because fondant and I are in a fight right now since the last cake. And we need some time to cool off before we get back together again for my little boy's birthday cake this weekend.

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