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I learned something new this year. I mean... I always thought that Valentine's Day was a heart holiday. You know, cut out some hearts, throw on some icing...maybe sprinkle some love in sugar form and call it a day.

APPARENTLY though....there is this thing called a Valentine's Day TREE. I don't really know the purpose of it. I mean, it doesn't seem to give candy to good children or sparkle or grant wishes or anything...they just have brightly colored hearts all over them and just...exist. I don't even know if they are real or imaginary creatures. I might have fallen asleep mid-internet-reasearch. I blame that on the electric blanket my grandma gave me for Christmas. It's just so COZY, you know? It's like cuddling without the extra breathing noises.

Anyway, my point is...I learned exactly 2 things about Valentine's Day trees.  One - They are a legit movement people. I mean Pinterest is just covered in "inspiration" for the things. And Two -- I didn't actually learn this, but I'm pretty sure it's just a way for at least half of the Tree-ers to justify not putting away their Christmas tree until April. Not that I'm judging. I may or may not still have nutcrackers on my piano. One of them is holding a baseball bat though, so it's kind of a spring decoration, right?

Luckily for me, I didn't even have to stay awake during my swim through Pinterest Land for inspiration for these Valentine's Day cookies. As it turns's the second Thursday of the month. That means I get to snag a design from my super creative cousin's card making blog -- Simply Pam's Creations and turn it into cookies.

 If you wanted to join the Valentine's Day Tree Movement, you could just make some of these cookies. It's probably easier than hot gluing felt ornaments.

1. Pipe a tall thin triangle shape for the trunk. Let it dry for at least 15 minutes.
2. Outline the cookies with thick pink icing and a #3 tip.
3. Use THIN pink icing to barely fill in the center.  (We're talking less than a 10 count icing. You want to make sure it's not going to start drying before you get all those polka dots in there.) Be careful not to even come close to overfilling this cookie. Starting at the center, above the trunk, pipe a small dot of icing. Pipe more dots in different colors above that dot and then keep piping dots out in horizontal lines. It's kind of tedious, but it's not difficult and it actually goes surprisingly fast.


Grab the cutters here -- Tree, Swirly Rose, Wide Heart, 5 Petal Flower.

Go see which one of my cookies my cousin made into a card HERE.  

See how Callye makes the Swirly Rose cookies HERE.


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