Decorated Cupid's Bow Cookies for Valentine's Day

 My husband and I are kind of opposites in lots of ways. He goes to bed at night. WHEN HE'S TIRED. I wait until the regret has fully had a chance to set in during the early morning hours before deciding that no more good can come from this day and I should just end it now before I grind one more PME tip in the garbage disposal.

He listens to NPR and keeps up on all the things happening all over the world so he can have intelligent opinions while talking about the world with his grown up friends. I listen to NPR to practice my British accent.

He does exactly what needs to be done and then stops doing it. I put sugar on top of sugar and spend hours forming it into special little pieces of sugar art that will be eaten in seconds. Or...just licked for a few hours, depending upon which child gets to it first.

But if there is one thing we agree's that  puce should not be the name of a color. And also that Cupid is kind of a weird guy. I mean... he's a bit of an exhibitionist half-man half-child person that shoots people with some kind of love arrow and also plays a harp while flying. I don't mean to be insensitive...but I think there might be a few unresolved issues there.

But just in case you and I are opposites on this subject... I made you some Cupid Bow and Arrow cookies. With a video tutorial and everything.


Grab the cutter HERE.
Learn how to make your red icing actually red HERE
See how to make Cupid himself HERE


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