successful completion of a year

So, last weekend was my birthday. And I'm sure you are all holding your breath for the details of the cake. What did it look like? Did I have to make it myself?... Guess what?

There was NO cake. 

No beautiful 5 tier creation. No lopsided cake made lovingly by my husband, not even a 2 dimensional crayon drawing of a cake from my 3 year old. Nothing. But I'm not bitter. I'm not going to hold it deep inside and let it smolder for years and years until it comes out one day on a random afternoon in July. Instead, I did what I felt I had to do....and I bought a brownie off some young girls at a bake sale. And then I ate it. Right there. And they watched me. And...that part was kind of weird. I felt like shouting at them, " Its okay that I'm eating this brownie right here and now because IT'S MY BIRTHDAY." But I didn't. Because, I think that maybe, that would have frightened them. And then I came home and made cookies.

And then I just looked at them and practiced saying, "Well, back when I was in my twenties..."

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