that whole giveaway "thing"

Remember this? 

Are you wondering if you get to wait anxiously by the mailbox for the next 2-3 weeks to see it appear in your lovely hands?

I don't really know how people do this when hundreds of people comment. Because MY comments aren't numbered. And I can't imagine counting through 249 comments. I was so glad it was only 8. So easy to count to. The winner is --


~~ who says "I absolutely, positively adore every single one of your cookies and cakes and sweet little things and you are without a doubt my most favorite person in the world and I can't get through my day without reading more."  Ha ha ha. Just kidding! But you would have to read back through the comments to prove it.

Andrea -- send me your address. And even though I didn't get 50 followers...I'm still going to send you the silver liners as well.

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