Some say heart, some say flower.

I kind of make a lot of cookies. Not a lot of cookies on a scale of say, 1 to a jillion, but a lot of cookies for someone who doesn't have any reason to be making cookies in the first place. I have a lot of cookies sitting around my house. And I'm always trying to find people to unload them on.

Except, sometimes I deliberately make cookies for someone in particular. You know, on purpose. Remember that, because if I ever give YOU a cookie, you can be sure that it was made JUST for YOU with hours and hours of thought put into the design, the baking, the decoration, and lovingly wrapped with love and...ummm...more love.

Like these cookies. These cookies have got it all -- thought, design, baking...Okay, so they weren't wrapped. And maybe I didn't spend hours and hours on them. Or even one single hour. WOW! Where is all this picky judgementalism coming from? Lay off my chocolate flower cookie making ego. What? Its not you...its me? Okay. Fine. Let's call it a week-before-Valentine's-Day-overemotional-sleep-deprived-draw.

I took a deep breath. I'm fine now.

These cookies really are the perfect last minute decorating choice. Its a 3 step process.

1. Roll some fondant out rather thin and cut out your desired fondant shape. Any shape really. You could choose a season appropriate shape if you want. It should probably at least be a shape that you don't hate. (Does anyone actually HATE a shape?) Cut out a bunch of these guys. Ooh, I forgot to mention that you need to check the size of this shape against the size of your cookie cutter. Better make sure its not so big that it hangs over the edges...and not so small that it looks stupid unpretty weird. Unless you are going for a tiny shape in the middle. And then, that's totally cool.

2. Flood your cookie. (I use royal icing.) I would bring the edge in just a smidgeon. The weight of your fondant shape is going to push the icing out a little. At least it will try. If you ice your cookies with a stiff border and then fill, you probably won't have that problem. I don't know, because I am impatient.

3. Gently place your fondant cut-out on top of the freshly iced cookie. I'm going to be honest with you here and let you know that this part scares me. Seriously, my hands shake and everything. You are holding the fondant over its icing doom and then --- you just let go. There is no easing it on to the cookie gently one side at a time because then you get icing all over one side. You just have to hover and then drop. Uhh...good luck with that.

I flood 4-5 cookies at a time and then drop the fondant shapes and go for another round. It really is quite quick. And kind of fun. It almost makes you sad when you see your little pile of fondant hearts (or other non-hated shape) growing smaller and smaller.

And then you let your icing dry. And give them to people that are important to you. Or eat them all.

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