buttons and giggling

I thought about being productive today. I even made a list. It was full of high hopes. I added all the projects I've wanted to accomplish for the last 2 months. I put some things in all capital letters so I would remember that I REALLY wanted to get them done today. I was going to be busy. I was going to get it done. For real. I meant it this time. Except that, well, I didn't exactly finish the list. I got tired. Its hard to be productive sometimes.

Its a good thing my 3 year old was around today. Buttons don't sort themselves, you know. Maybe I'll have to make him a special treat for being such a sweet little boy and helping me out. And then we'll eat it together and probably giggle because he'll get chocolate all over his face. (Of course there will be chocolate. What kind of treat doesn't have chocolate?!) And then we'll have to read a stack of books to help him calm down after all that, umm, giggling. And maybe he will take a nap as he comes down off his sugar high.  And then maybe I can get back to that list. Maybe.

UPDATE:  He is currently taking a nap, and I am not working on my list. 

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