Wanted- piping skills. Inquire within.

I can't pipe. It's official. I was waiting for my order from Karen's Cookies to get here before I made the final judgment. I had ordered a SUPAtube from PME. (Hello -- It's called "SUPA." It's GOT to be great.) I tried the size 00 and the line seemed too small for this cookie. And then I tried the size 0, and I couldn't get anything to come out. Not anything. I even tried squeezing my icing through a brand new nylon before putting it in the piping bag. (And made a completely unrelated giant mess all over my counter. Okay, maybe not unrelated.) No success. I'm a failure at piping.

 But I've had this design bouncing around in my brain ever since the first day I met my friend called "Supatube Possibility." Oh sure, lots of people told me that the PME tips don't make people amazing at piping. But they couldn't possibly have meant ME. Surely, it would be magical for ME.
After wallowing in self pity while cleaning up a pretty big mess and dumping my icing dreams down the drain, I decided to just put the 00 back on, and make that work somehow. And then I realized that I had lost it. On the day I got it. A $5 SUPAtube. Don't tell my husband.

There was only one thing left to do. I resorted to fondant. Sigh. Maybe I just need to spend more quality time with my piping bag. Maybe we should take a cruise through the Mediterranean and get to know each other. (Don't tell my husband.)

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