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welcome back fondant

There is more than one way to decorate a cookie. (What?! I know -- this may or may not be a shocking revelation to you. Even after all this time, some days I'm still surprised to remember that.) You can use royal icing, glacee, fondant, candy clay, or you can put down a base layer of any of those and then "paint" on top with either thinned royal icing or food coloring, or even scrap all those choices and go with good old fashioned butter cream and sprinkles!! I even knew someone who painted with food coloring onto a cookie before baking it. There are so many options! Maybe too many options. I always forget to think about all the different ways I could make the cookie before starting on it. I'm glad I chose fondant with this one. I think its a perfect fit.

(I'm scared to trust spell check on the word "glacee" so if its wrong....let's just keep it between ourselves, shall we?)


Nisson Family said...

That cookie is adorable! I love the puffy hearts. So cute. I might have to make this one into a card too! :D


Haniela said...

Totally stunning, Love the photo too!!

Anna ♥ Sugarized said...

You and fondant are best friends, aren't you? :) Love the cookie! Adorable, as always. :)

lilaloa said...

Pam -- you are definitely more than welcome to!

Haniela -- Thank you! It means a lot coming from YOU.

Anna -- Its so true. I never go anywhere without fondant. :)

Manni said...

Love it! Its absolutely gorgeous!! Also how you took the photo, very nice : )

Diane {Created by Diane} said...

I had to look up glacee :)
I say I use a glaze icing, but looking up glacce it refers to shiny and smooth. So now I know a new word for it :) thanks.
Love your cookie! Glad to see it on Haniela's.