sometimes colors just happen

A note to fellow travelers: Don't put red icing on top of brown icing and expect people to be able to see it. Especially if you are like me and make every color 3 shades darker than it really needs to be. See, its not just pink that I don't use very often. Its all of those pale, soft, gentle colors. I don't intentionally avoid them. It just happens. I've never been the kind of person that holds back. (Much to my husband's dismay, you can be sure about that.)

I tell companies that their products are inferior. I walk right up to a beautiful person and tell them they are beautiful. I played rugby in college. And...I add too much coloring to ALL of my icing.

 The truth is, I LIKE color. I just keep adding it until my arm is tired of stirring. Which actually doesn't take that long. I'm a weak stirrer.  Its true. You can ask my mom.  When I was child and helping my mother make cookies, I was always SO relieved when the addition of the flour fell on one of my brothers' turns. So, maybe if you are having a hard time getting dark colors, you should get a brother.

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