there is a cookie in my aperture

I have a confession. I know almost nothing about photography. (Shocking revelation, I'm sure.) I barely even know what kind of camera I have. Until last night, I had no idea that setting the f-stop was the same as setting the aperture. (At least, I think those are the same things. Hold on while I go check. Yes, that's right. Moving on.) 

I felt pretty cool trying to take a picture that included something other than my very very typical black fabric background. But looking at this picture a few hours later, I feel almost foolish for trying. I almost didn't post it. I almost drew a picture of my cookie and asked you to use your imagination. I almost threw that paper away because it looked really bad, too. I almost tried to photocopy my cookie instead. But my photocopier wasn't working, so I had no other choice but to post this picture.

I LOVE beautiful pictures. There are some places I go just to enjoy the pictures. (Haniela's anyone?) I spent some time on The Pioneer Woman's photography site last night and SHE said that I should just keep trying. And if SHE said it, then it MUST be true, right? So, my friends, you are just going to have to suffer through my "A-for-effort" photos for the next -- oh -- 8-10 years. But the upside to this is that we all get to laugh together. Together, please? Okay, well, just promise you won't leave mean comments that make me cry. And I promise not to photocopy my cookies. Unless I have to.

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