PINK baby shower cookies

I told you it was coming. And you've all waited so patiently. Oh sure, you've only known for two days, but sometimes its hard to wait two hours, much less two days. And this is one of those things that it should be hard to wait for.

A giant platter of pink! Actually, now that I think about it, its not really that giant at all. And the plate itself is kind of purple. But the cookies -- those are definitely pink.

You know what I love most though? These sweet little faces. I love each and every one of them. It was hard for me to decide which one I loved more than the others so I could take a picture of it. Just for the record though, even though this one is pictured...I still love each of them the same. Except for maybe one or two that didn't turn out so cute. But don't tell them that. Let's just keep it our little secret, okay?

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