the cake

So...a cake, huh? It's been awhile since I made a cake. Days and days and days. When I see this cake, I think of two things.

First, I LOVE my 5 petal veiner. Love it. I know that "veiner" is technically not a word. How can I forget when spell check tells me to stop using it every time I type it? It doesn't matter, I still love that wonderful piece of silicone that makes cakes like this possible.

Second, I wonder if I will ever get the pink tinge out of my extruder. What? Apparently "extruder" is not a word either. I don't believe it... Okay, I just checked it out (on if you want to know) and IT IS a word. Take that blogger spell check. You are wrong. And I am right. And my extruder is still stained pink after this cake.

Anyone want to see my design sketch? No? Stop reading then. And don't scroll down. Unless you want to see the other posts. In that case, just blink kind of long while you are scrolling and you will probably miss the design sketch.

As a side note, I never really intended to have the bottom layer as tall as my sketch. I just can't draw. My cakes don't usually turn out so close to the sketch. And by sketch, I mean, the vision in my head. Because I usually DON'T do a design sketch. But I should. I bet my cakes would look better if I did. Either that, or I would get better at drawing.

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