How to Make a Decorated Rose Cookie

Decorated Sugar Cookies for Valentine's Day -- Roses and Bows

I got some garden supplies in the mail today. (I KNOW. You do not have to remind me. I get that it's still January. But the only way my mind can make it through this dark hole of sadness and icy despair is to pretend that the sun still exists and will eventually come back.)

All of my children came running at the sound of the doorbell like aliens were invading and the only thing that could save them was the man on the other side of that door. You know...because the doorbell generally means ice cream and ponies.  (Seriously, what IS IT about a doorbell that attracts children like magic?! I'm going to start ringing the doorbell when it's time for dinner. That should get their attention.)

It's a good thing I don't order "unmentionables" through the mail because I always have a large audience when I open any packages. Even the neighbor kids crowd around like I'm going to pull a pizza out of the box. (Did you know there is such a thing as mail-order pizza?! Ewww.) So I open my package and anticlimactically pull out the packets of seeds and my kids are still frozen to their spots and my A girl says, "But... WHERE ARE THE COOKIE CUTTERS??!!"

Rose Cookie Cutter -- Valentine's Day or Weddings

We were thisclose to complete anarchy. January 19th will now and forever be known as The Day Without Cutters at our house. Thank goodness we had a giant pile of brand new cutters to play with anyway or things might have gotten a little out of hand today. And best of all -- one of them is a fantastic shape of joy and sunshine and everything that is good in the world. And by that I mean...this rose. Want to make one with me?

Decorated Valentine's Day Cookies Tutorial

1. Bake your cookies. Try not to eat them all.
2. Using a medium consistency light pink icing, outline and fill the rose area of the cookie. Let it dry for an hour.
3. Add leaves with a medium consistency green icing. Let it dry for another hour.
4. Add rose details with a thick consistency dark pink icing and a #2 tip. Ad the leaf details with thick consistency green icing and a #2 tip.

Don't worry. I've got you covered on the rose details. You can use this image in your KK or pico or just throw caution to the wind and do what you want!

 See it in action here.

Cookie Decorating Rose Tutorial

PS -- Do you SEE that tattoo style rose??!! SO fun to make! Just use a medium consistency icing for the detail lines and make them fatter and uneven. Then add shading inside near the edges.


Grab the cutters -- ROSE, BOW, HEART

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