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two please

I it turns out... old fashioned. But not the cool kind. Not vintage. Not retro. I never wanted to be. In fact, I spent all of my growing up years desperately trying to NOT learn how to cook or sew or can vegetables of any kind. But...I want a garden with a compost pile and everything. And I want to store my food for winter. I love buttons and old lace. I like the idea of having a parlor for visitors. I can, and have, made my own cheese. (Not recommended by the way, unless you are really good at it. Which I am not.) I own an honest-to-goodness cast iron dutch oven for crying out loud! (Two actually.) And I think that Valentines should be hand made. By hand. You know, with your hands.

I'm not talking about the cards that children pass out to their friends at school. I mean for your REAL Valentine. Think about have a special friend....and you decided to book that romantic cruise for two through the Mediterranean...its a quiet evening....just the two of you...sunset in the lean over and hand them a little card with Smokey Bear saying, "Only YOU can be my Valentine"...the sunset falls over and the boat crashes and everyone leaves crying. NOT a happy ending. Moral -- try making a Valentine this year. With lace. Paper doilies are fine too. Ooh, or even a love letter. That's WAY better than Smokey Bear. Although, he does serve his own purpose. I do not mean to belittle his service to the forests of our great nation. In fact, maybe someone should send HIM a Valentine. Made by hand.