it starts with a "g" and ends in "iveaway"

This was a tricky picture. I meant to take a picture of cookies. But all I could think about were my new silicone baking hearts. I LOVE them. My poor cookies. They feel so alone and unwanted. Hmm, I guess they really ARE the perfect Valentine's Day cookie. You know, for all those people that hate Valentine's Day because they don't have a special friend of their own.

Even after the picture was taken, I couldn't stop thinking about how much I love my little hearts and about how everyone is going to want them when they see this picture. And then I realized that I had no option but to go right back to the store and get one for you. But not for all of you, because that's kind of a lot. So I rushed over to the store and guess what? THEY WERE GONE. Not just gone with an empty spot so you can hope they might get some more in tomorrow, but gone with something else taking the spot on the shelf and it might have all been a dream if you hadn't purchased some in the first place kind of gone.

But what's done is done. And I had already decided to give something away to someone who reads my blog. I can't just UNdecide that. So I got these instead. I know, not nearly as cute, but there are some hearts involved here and some strawberries and some random non-Valentine's Day party hats. (I thought about opening the bags, removing the party hats, and then sealing them up again, but that's kind of weird, and I don't want you to think that I'm weird.) And I will keep my eye out for the silicone hearts and when I find them in the deep dark recess of the market again, I will buy 3 packages. Take that world!

So, if you can look past the lack of silicone baking hearts in this giveaway, and would still be willing to take these off my hands (you know, to make me feel better for ruining my first blog giveaway...) then leave me a comment below. Here's the deal --

** 1 entry just for leaving a comment. Even if its not real words. Symbols are fine.
** 1 entry for being a fan on Facebook. Even if you don't mean it. But, preferably if you do.
** 1 entry for following me on the sidebar or signing up for an RSS feed.

Leave individual comments for each one. So, you know, leave up to 3 comments. (See what I'm doing here....3 chances to enter means that there will be 3 times as many comments to make me feel better about myself as a person.) The deadline to enter is February 5, 2011 at midnight Pacific Time. Because that's my birthday. And I'd like you all to celebrate it by once again, making me happy by commenting.

Oh, and just because I can, I was thinking that if either my blog or facebook page gets 50 followers/fans/what have you, I will double the giveaway. And by that I mean I will add these shiny little treasures to the loot pile and pick TWO people to EACH get a pile. No sharing. Two identical piles of cupcake liner shaped loot.

Stop reading and just enter. Please. (I really meant to write that in the nicest way possible.) (Promise.) (Is there a "nice" font?) (Someone tell me how to end this.) (I'm stuck in a parenthetical world.) (Which is NOT the same as a hypothetical world.) (Ummmm......hi.) (I mean...goodbye.) (For now.) (For real.)

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