What IS this?

So, I gave someone a cookie last week and they said,

"What IS this?" 

I'm going to be honest. That was not exactly the reaction I was hoping for. Not that I have a scripted reaction I do hope for. I mean, if I ever give you a cookie you can just say what you want. Or not say anything at all. That's totally fine.  I just give people cookies because I want to. No expectations, no strings attached. Just my love - in sugar form - to them. Still, I was a little confused. I started to make up a whole list of excuses in my head -- Well, see, these ninjas came and they made me make bad looking cookies.... In the end I just said, "Umm, it's a cookie." Which turned out to be the RIGHT answer because he actually thought it was a wall hanging. (THIS ONE in case you are wondering.) We can learn a lot from this. 1 -- Don't let ninjas into your house while you are making cookies. Just say no.

And 2 -- If your cookies don't taste very good, you can still use them as home decorations.

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