How To Make Decorated Surgical Mask Sugar Cookies

Learn how to make some fun surgical mask decorated sugar cookies for nurses or doctors with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!!  

Cute and fun nurse and doctor appreciation decorated chocolate sugar cookies

Soooo... my youngest child is in school all day. That happened. FOR REAL. I didn't even wake up from this dream and find that she was still 2 years old and trying to cut my hair "like a princess" while I was sleeping. IT'S AMAZING!!!!!!

And weirdly... so sad at the same time. I feel like I never see her anymore! After years of having a little buddy - she's got HER OWN FRIENDS NOW?! WHAT?! She drew a picture of herself sitting in a chair at school and it kind of broke my heart just a little bit. You know... in a way that only a trip to Target can fix.

I'm JUST KIDDING. I definitely don't self-medicate my sadness and lonely days with retail therapy at my favorite store on the entire planet.

On an EXTREMELY UNRELATED TANGENT... I also bought 62 notebooks today after dropping my children off at school.

Not an exaggeration.

(I wish it was.)

In my defense, my daughter needed THREE of them. AND, the teacher did say that we could totally send in extras to share if we felt like that was something we wanted to do. So it was all from the goodness of my heart. And not at all because I have a weird obsession with buying school and office supplies.

Also...maybe don't tell my husband. We can keep this between you and me and the Internet Land, right guys?


And also, also... I made these cookies about a bajillion years ago but totally forgot to post the tutorial because CHILDREN and KITCHEN REMODEL and I'M EASILY DISTRACTED.

Step by step cookie decorating tutorial for nurse or doctor surgical face mask decorated sugar cookies

How to make surgical mask decorated sugar cookies: 

Step 1. 

With a medium consistency light blue icing and a #3 tip, outline and fill a squarish shape in the center of the cookie. Immediately pipe two lines with a darker blue icing. Let the icing dry for 30 minutes.

Step 2.

With the darker icing, outline the sides of the squarish icing you just piped and top and bottom of the cookie. Fill in the space between the two outlines with the same icing. Let the icing dry for another 30 minutes.

Step 3.

Pipe the loops on the side of the mask with the same icing used in step 2. You don't have to follow the curves of the cookie exactly...but you totally can if you want to.

See it in action here!


Get the cutters: Surgical Mask, Needle, Scrub Top, Pressure Cuff, Band-aid, and Stethoscope.

How to make pressure cuff decorated sugar cookies.

How to make decorated stethoscope sugar cookies. 

How to make decorated medical professional cookies. 

Grab the formulas for these colors here!

How to make decorated nurse cookies -- Sweet Sugarbelle. 

brightly colored surgical face mask sugar cookies for nurses or doctors


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