How To Make Decorated Llama Head Sugar Cookies

Learn how to make some easy and adorable llama face decorated sugar cookies with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!!  

Brightly colored southwest llama and cactus decorated chocolate sugar cookies

I just want to go on record here today and say that -


I know. I know.

It's never been done before.

I am sure that your entire world view of reality as you know has now shifted into an unalterable parallel mindset.

Leftover tomato sauce CAN BE USED.

I always thought that it grew mold the second you even THOUGHT about putting it in the refrigerator to save for later. Like, maybe tomato sauce actually isn't gender neutral and it's got that whole "woman scorned" thing going on.

"Oh! You don't WANT ME?! I'll show YOU!! I'm going to turn myself into the most horrific looking and smelling thing that ever existed in the entire history of ever and I'm going to do it right this very second just to prove a point that I am beautiful and desirable and everyone on the entire planet should love and adore me every second of their very lives and also they should bring me flowers and chocolate and brand new whisks and let me take naps on Saturday afternoons."


You know, it's funny... I never realized how much Tomato Sauce and I have in common. I guess that's why we get along and it didn't turn into a pit of eternal horror and despair on my in the fridge.

Maybe we can hang out now. And make cookies together. Like these llama cookies. Because REAL friends make llama cookies together.

Llama head cookie decorating tutorial - step by step

How to make Llama Head decorated sugar cookies: 

Step 1. 

Use a medium consistency tan icing to outline and fill the face area of the llama. It doesn't have to be perfect. It's a llama...and it's not class picture day. Let the icing dry for an hour.

Step 2. 

Outline and fill the rest of the cookie with a medium consistency white icing and a #3 tip. I like to start the outline and start the filling with the ears of the llama. They are very small areas and will start to crust over the quickest. Get those flooded and smooth before you move on to the larger areas of the cookies.

While the white icing is still wet, pipe the inside of the ears with the than icing and a #1.5 tip. Let dry for four hours.

Step 3. 

Put a #1.5 tip on the white icing and pipe some swirly fur details on the bottom part of the cookie and add some spiky hair lines up on the head. (I weirdly forgot to add the spiky hair lines before I took this picture. It really doesn't matter what order you add the details. Just...don't be like me and forget them entirely. 😂😂)

Step 4.

Use a black food color marker to add the eye, mouth, and nose to the llama. Paint the rosy cheeks with a food grade brush and watered down pink food coloring.

See it in action here.


Get the supplies: black food color marker, llama head cutter, full body llama cutter, cloud cutter, cactus cutter, potted cactus cutter, chevron cutter, flower cutter, and heart cutter.

Grab my tutorial for the decorated cloud cookies.

See the whimsical flower cookie tutorial here.


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