12 Days of Christmas Cookies

I have TWO huge-big surprises and I've been holding it inside for just ages and ages. And as much as I'd love to draw this out and make you guess... the last time I did that (2 days ago) someone thought I was going to stop blogging. And the sheer horror I felt at that moment is still living strong inside my little blogging heart. So... let's get to it!

Surprise #1 -- I designed some cookie cutters for Copper Gifts. It's the TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS!!! And for the next 12 days.... we're going to decorate each and every one of them. But that's not all.... at the end of the 12 days, I'm going to give away a complete set of cutters to one of you! And if that's not appealing to you at all, then maybe you will like...

Surprise #2 -- I'm taking you on a tour of South Korea!!! We'll go somewhere new each and every day. So it's 12 days of Christmas AND 12 days of South Korea. Seriously, it couldn't get better. Unless, of course, there was also ice cream. That would actually make it better.

So, here's the deal -- I'm going to continue to update this post with all the links as I publish them. If you are a bookmarking or a pinning type person, this would be the post to bookmark or pin.

But for now... here is a color chart. You know, in case you don't actually hate me for posting Christmas cookies before Thanksgiving and randomly ALSO want to make these cookies with me. And if you do...you can get these cutters HERE at Copper Gifts.


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