I am OVERWHELMED with complete and utter gratitude for the abundance of love and magic that I found in my mailbox tonight.

Let me tell you a little story about a girl who liked to make cookies. (ME. That girl is me.) She made them a lot. And she shared them. And she made friends with people she had never ever met before in her entire life. And she liked her new friends. And she was relatively sure that they didn't hate her.

And one day a few hundred of those friends decided to meet and talk about cookies and love and life. And those friends chose to meet in the one place in the entire world that our cookie-making girl calls home. They couldn't have been closer to her actual home than if they had met in her mother's living room. But, of course they wouldn't have fit, so they just stayed at their hotel. And there were cookies and icing and cutters and a unicycle in there some where I think, and more cookies. And shenanigans. And loving and laughter and talking until all hours of the day and night and our cookie-making girl lived on the other side of the world and she couldn't go home and she couldn't go see her friends and she had a wee bit of a pity party all by her lonesome in a foreign country that ended with ice cream eating and online cookie cutter ordering in the early morning hours. (It was a long party. There was a game of Trivial Pursuit just kept dragging on and on and on...)

Eventually that huge big celebration of love and cookies on the other side of the world ended and everyone went home. And our cookie-making girl was so happy to read about all the fun that everyone had. And it made her so happy to see all those other friends happy that she almost forgot about those cutters she ordered. Until one day they arrived in her mailbox in a surprisingly large box. And she took them home and threw them on the counter because she had important stuff to do like laundry and counting ceiling tiles. And she put her children to bed. And cleaned her house. (Hello. It's a fairytale. I'm pretty sure houses are always clean in fairy tales. Unless mice and birds clean them. And I don't want mice and birds in my house, so I had to do it myself.)

And when I was all by lonesome once again, I opened my box. And I found 


I know you thought you were just sending me some cutters and an apron with messages of love, but what you didn't realize is that I live on the other side of the rainbow. And when the box passed through, a bit of magic happened and a little bit of you all came to visit me. And I have to say, I am HONORED to have you here. You have made my day and my week and also made me feel a little bit silly for my late night pity party... You are wonderful. And you are so giving and kind and thoughtful and I am SO glad you came.


Also, I was literally shaking from shock and had a hundred** cookies to make last night. (**actual number of cookies I made last night. NOT an exaggeration.) So... thank you for that fun adventure also.

A special THANK YOU to Shannon Heupel  of Artfully Designed Creations, Laurie Anglen of Cookie Bliss and Robin Wegener of Absolutely Sweet who were the driving force behind the apron and the cutters. You girls are absolute angels. The next time I come to visit, I'll do the dishes for a week. (Robin -- I couldn't find a link for you. Do you have one? I'll add it!)

Umm, so now that you're all here.... it's kind of awkward that no one is saying anything. You know what, maybe we just need to be properly introduced. I'll go first.

My name is Georganne. You say it like (George  Ann.) This is probably the biggest picture of my head that I've ever seen. But I'm not scaling it down. Also, I met my husband when we were white water rafting guides for the same company. I'm not any good at chess. And I like quesadillas. And apparently, I don't know how to spell quesadillas.

I have three children... 1 boy and 2 girls. This photo is from 4 years ago. It's not current. And I also figured out how not to look like I'm pretending not to look at the camera since then. It's a learned skill, really. And I love sailing. And I've never been to Mexico. I broke 3 bones while playing rugby in college.

I live in South Korea where they sell corn-on-the-cob-on-a-stick. It is not un-delicious.I played the violin when I was younger....and I was awful. I wear contacts. And even if they are falling out of my head, I won't put on my glasses. I tap my pen against my teeth when I'm concentrating. (My husband just told me that one. Even *I* didn't know that.) (You don't mind that he came, do you? I'm kind of fond of him.)

It's your turn now. Where do you live? What do you love? Tell me something about YOU!!!

(and by YOU I mean... everyone. I want to hear about all of you that read my blog!)

PS -- I will answer any question you ask about me tonight. You know, as long as its not super embarrassing or something I've been hiding from my mother for the last 20 years.... Ask away!


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