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Friends of the First Thanksgiving

So this one time, I made Thanksgiving cookies. But before that, I obsessed about them for days. I dreamed about them for nights. And I even made a new cutter just for those cookies. And then after I made the cutter, my 4 year old walked into the room and saw it and said, "Oh, a bowling stick thing." And by that he means that I could have saved myself jillions of seconds of labor and just used a bowling pin cutter. other news... I'm really not as hating on myself as it may sound right now, but I don't think I've ever felt so ignorant while making cookies. I mean, I know the history behind the first Thanksgiving in the United States, but I don't know any of the details. And I know that other countries have harvest type holidays as well and some even have their very own Thanksgiving. But why? I couldn't stop thinking about it. So then, I was all, "I'm totally going to spend hours researching and studying and then I'll share that very useful and priceless information on my blog tomorrow." And THEN, there was this other voice that said, "No, you won't." And I was all, "Yes, I will." And that other voice was very convincing and told me I should sleep instead. So I did. I mean, I can't ALWAYS pick the first voice. I don't want them to think that I'm playing favorites or anything.  But if YOU wanted to tell me about the harvest holidays or Thanksgivings in your country... I don't think I'd mind.