Pumpkin Name Card Cookies

Remember how I posted Halloween cookies in August? That was crazy. And now everyone is going all out on Christmas cookies in November. And I have to say -- I'm a little jealous. Because I can't do that. Not that I don't want to. The thing is, I just can't cheat a holiday like that. I mean, I can't pretend like Thanksgiving isn't there just because Christmas is so much more appealing right now and then on November 24th be all "Oh hey, Thanksgiving let's be best friends and stay at each other's houses and eat mashed potatoes and pie all day long."  Because Thanksgiving would be SO MAD.  And let's be honest, I just can't handle that kind of hating. Even from a generally overlooked holiday. I NEED to be loved. So...I made some name card cookies. You know, so when people come over to eat your super healthy Thanksgiving dinner that is chock full of all those tasty vegetables and lean protein, they can have a cookie first. Just to take the edge off.

Start with some rectangle cookies. I just used a pizza wheel and a ruler. But, by all means if you have a rectangle cutter then that would be easier. Then draw a picture of a pumpkin (or trace one, or print one from the internet) and cut it out. I used a food marker to trace around the pumpkin template. I think you could do it by scratching the cookie with a toothpick too. Or hey, skip this step altogether and freehand pipe the thing when the time comes.

I used a #3 tip and piped two straight lines next to each other to make a wider border. You could probably  just use a bigger tip, and not worry about making two straight lines right next to each other, but that's entirely up to you. Anyway, I left some of the frame empty because I didn't want to trap my poor pumpkin. (You know, like those scary Halloween movies where someone gets left in a mirror.) (Great, now everyone is totally creeped out after reading a Thanksgiving post.) (At least I am. I can basically never look at this post again.)

After letting the frame dry for about 20 minutes, (or two days -- seriously, don't ask) I filled in the outer sections of the pumpkin. You can certainly outline and fill if that's your thing. I just do it all in one step because its what I do.

Let those sections dry for 20 minutes, or until you can see that the shine is gone and then fill in the middle section and give it a stem. I always try to make my stems cute, but they just never work out that way. I guess I'm just cute stem incapable. That's okay. I'll get that worked out someday.

Flood the remainder of the cookie with white icing and let it dry for a real, real long time. Like hours. Oh, and I use a toothpick to drag some of the white into those tiny little corners near the bottom between the pumpkin and the border.

Add on some pumpkin vines, put a name on there and you are DONE. I have this weird thing where I actually really like writing with icing, but a food marker would get the name on there just as nicely. So, don't stress out about the whole "piping letters thing." Plus, if you use food markers, it would be super easy to add some names at the last minute. You know, if you had extra cookies just lying around and some extra people came to dinner, then it would be a perfect match. And you'd be like a hero or something.


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