How To Make Decorated Fall Leaf Cookies

How to make decorated fall leaf sugar cookies

You know when your airbrush gets a little sticky and you put coloring in it and it just kind of goes, "BLEH!" all over your cookie? Sometimes I feel like that describes my life. I'm all over the place. Mentally and physically. Even my employment record looks like that. I've been a white water river guide, a nature guide, a lifeguard, and a sailboat cruise captain. I've had the very important job of raising the parking gate arm at the exit of a parking garage. I've been a personal trainer and a nanny...though never at the same time. I've had desk jobs and jobs where I never sit down. I even delivered furniture for a year in college before I broke my leg playing rugby.

I loved that job because nobody thought I could do it. My job interview literally consisted of the owner of the store asking me to help him move a couch from one side of a room to the other because I was a girl. It was all a little confusing at the time...all that furniture and people watching...but somehow I ended up with more popcorn than a person could eat in their lifetime in the back of the warehouse, building furniture from hieroglyphics. And on top of that, complete strangers welcomed me into their homes as if they had been waiting for me for days. It was like a dream come true.

And between me and you -- I'm not the ONLY cookie decorator you know that delivered furniture in her younger days. I would tell you who she is, but that's her story to tell. I will say though, that you know her. And also, I will tell you how to make these fall leaves because I hate keeping secrets.

How to make decorated fall leaf sugar cookies

1. Airbrush the base of your cookie with spots of yellow, orange and brown.
2. Pipe a stem with medium consistency brown icing.
3. Outline and fill the different leaf segments. Try to make each segment pointed at the outer edges and wear they meet in the middle. Let it dry overnight.
4. Water down some brown and black food coloring and paint it on the cookie. Add a little more water and let it sit for 30 seconds. You actually WANT the water to eat into the icing a little bit to give the leaf that mildewy look. (I just did a google search to make sure that was the word I wanted to use and my eyes died a little bit. I may never eat cookies again.) (Just kidding. I love cookies.) After the water has sat for 30 seconds, wipe it off with a paper towel. Add a little more brown/black shading to the edges of each leaf segment.

See it in action here.


The cutters for the red and yellow leaves both come from the same set. Grab it HERE

Short on time? Make these quick wet-on-wet SCRIBBLE STYLE FALL LEAVES.

Or make some NO-ICING FALL LEAF cookies to eat with your WHIPPED PUMPKIN SPICE COOKIE DIP.

You could just skip leaves altogether and join the PEAR COOKIE revolution. 


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