A Leprechaun Promise

St. Patrick's Day cookies -- decorated sugar cookies

There are two types of cookies that I never wanted to make --leprechauns and cupids. I promised myself I wouldn't. It went kind of like this:

Myself: I don't want to make leprechaun cookies.
Me: Okay, then don't. 
Myself: No, I'm serious. I'm never going to make them.
Me: Okay, fine.
Myself: Promise me I never have to make them.
Me: Uhh, you know I'm not good at that promise thing...

A few days ago I was looking through my cutters to see which St. Patrick's Day cutters I have (and the sum total is a clover) and I saw this cutter. And I heard a little leprechaun calling to me.

So I HAD to make him. And he was happy. And then he realized he was all alone. And he was not happy anymore.

So I HAD to make him some friends. And they were all very happy together. So happy that they started being mischievous and pouring gold into people's gas tanks while they weren't looking. But they didn't tell them so when they took their cars to the mechanics, the mechanics took all the gold and then charged them a lot of money for fixing their cars.

So I HAD to make them some parental figures to keep them in line. And talk some sense it to them. And to show them that they were pouring the gold all wrong. Because when they were little leprechauns they really knew how to be mischievous.

And even though his parental figure stopped him from lighting fires on people's porches and totally embarrassed him in front of his friends by saying completely uncool things, that little leprechaun sure adored his parental figure and they skipped happily home.

1. Outline the top half of the fancy square and fill with green icing. I left a space for the black hat band, but you could also just put that on top of the green if you want. Your choice.
2. Outline and fill the beard area with orange icing mixed with a little brown.
3. Fill in the hat band space with medium thickness black icing.
 4. Outline and fill the face section with skin colored icing. Let the whole thing dry for 3-4 hours before adding the details.

Use RI transfer eyeballs, or pipe some right on top of the face. Pipe a square around the hat band with yellow icing. Add a nose with the face colored icing. Draw a mouth with a food color marker and add pink cheeks with pink food coloring or pink luster dust.


Get the tutorial for cute little shamrock friends HERE.

Or find a rainbow shamrock tutorial HERE.


 Make these leprechauns easier with pre-made eyeballs (get some HERE) or make your own HERE!

 Grab the gorgeous cutter for these cookies HERE.

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