sweet little king of the jungle

I LOVE things that coordinate. I have avoided this truth for years. But its time to finally own it.    It's true.    Coordinating things make me happy. And for this reason, I love nothing more than to make cakes and cookies that match each other AND that match party decorations or invites. Okay, that's not entirely true. I mean, there are quite a few things I love more (my husband, melted cheese, whitewater rafting...) but none of them involve cookies. Or cakes.

So you could imagine how happy I was to see these baby shower decorations. If you can't imagine it, that's okay. I'll tell you -- I was very happy to see them and even happier to know that I got to make cookies and a cake to match.

And then I looked closer. And closer. And realized that there were kind of A LOT of colors to match. 8 colors to be exact. (Although that is counting white and I didn't have to do anything about that. But it DID have to have its own bowl. So I have to add that in or I wouldn't have enough bowls. And if I don't have enough bowls -- I get sad. And I like to be happy.)

I made the cookies first. And I felt pretty good about the color matching. And then I realized I had totally set myself up for failure. Or at least one really long night. Now I had to match the invitation colors AND the cookie colors. Why did I do this to myself? Why was I so happy to see coordinating cookies and cake and plates and napkins dancing in my head to the soundtrack of  "The Jungle Book?" WHY was I letting them frolic in happiness while I was doomed to sleep deprivation? And then from the back of my mind, a little idea bug came running forward screaming -- "I LIKE doing this!" And I was happy again. The End.

But actually, it wasn't the end because I still had to make the cake. And since I gave fondant the weekend off to go visit relatives in Pittsburgh, I made an ALL butter cream cake. With dots and stripes and some cookies on top. And then I pretended like I was going to clean my kitchen before going to sleep. And then I laughed at my own joke and went straight to bed.

The End. (For real this time.)

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