Leprechaun Loot

FINALLY. I have new St Patrick's Day cookies. And I love them. I want to squish them in my arms and take them with me wherever I go.

St. Patrick's Day cookies -- leprechaun loot tutorial

I originally wanted to make these larger than they are. But for all my wanting, I only have one circle cutter with a fluted edge. And it isn't big. And in the end, I love them for their smallness. Because you know what they are perfect for?

Leprechaun Loot Cookies!!! - decorated sugar cookies


Wouldn't these be adorable to hide in piles around your house on St. Patrick's Day? You know, in addition to dying the toilet water green and forcing everyone to eat very unappealing green pancakes for breakfast. (Not that I would ever do that. I mean... my green pancakes are SO appealing.) These are pretty simple to make, too. And, maybe its because they are small, but they took much less time than other cookies I've been doing lately. Want to make some?

First, flood a white circle on a cookie. Leave a little room for the green edge. Immediately pipe green dots for the shamrock leaves.

Grab a toothpick, and pull through the dots towards the center. Do the sides first, and slightly pull them up toward the middle one.

When you pull through the top dots, slightly lift at the bottom of the leaf and continue pulling down to create a light stem. Or you can dip your toothpick in some green icing and draw through the icing to make a darker stem.

Let your circles dry for awhile. Clean up your mess. Try to get the green coloring off your fingers...and then come back when the white icing is dry. Pipe large circles around the edge. 

Take your toothpick (or another one if you dropped that one on the floor while you were cleaning) and wiggle the dots back and forth so they touch. It sounds complicated, but its super quick. Just one quick back and forth at the inside edge of each dot and your done.

I think these would look just as good on regular old circles as it does on a fluted circle. So don't let that stop you. Get to making your loot.


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