2021 Cookie Decorator Gift Guide - The Best Gift Ideas for Cookie Decorating Enthusiasts!

Your 2021 Cookie Decorating Gift Guide is HERE!! Over 40 fantastic new and exciting (and some old favorite) gift ideas for the cookie decorator in your life! 

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top cookie decorating gift guide 2021

Every year, I make it a goal to start shopping for Christmas gifts before Halloween and be finished by Thanksgiving. And every year, I almost start shopping for gifts by Thanksgiving. 

But this year, more than ever, time is of the essence. Shortages and port delays are rampant. Supply chains are strained or broken. As of TODAY, the moment of posting... all of these items are available and shipping immediately. 

Hopefully that remains the case throughout the holiday gift buying season...but it might not. 😬😬 You might want to go ahead and bookmark this page so you can come back if something wanted to purchase turns out to be unavailable. 

It's a long post with lots of great ideas. And I have even more cookie decorating gift idea lists linked at the bottom if you still need more ideas!

Let's get started!

Christmas gift guide for cookie decorators


(Small gifts under $20)

1. Glitter pearls 

Sweet AND shiny?! Yes please! Pick a color, pick 7 colors -- you can't go wrong! If you're not sure which colors to choose - white, silver, and gold are always great! You can grab the PEARL VERSION HERE or the GLITTER VERSION HERE.  

2. Bag clips 

Nobody likes a mess. Unless you're three years old and that mess consists of chocolate and bouncy balls. THESE CLIPS keep the icing IN the piping bag where it belongs AND help the decorator know exactly what consistency they put in there! BRILLIANT! (Tip: Your decorator would love 4-5 sets of these. Just saying.)

3. Rainbow whisk  

Functional and fun! These RAINBOW WHISKS will bring a smile to anyone's face!  

4. Parchment textures

 The hottest new trend to hit the cookie decorating world this year -- PARCHMENT TEXTURES!!! Not only are they fun, you can create impressive designs in a fraction of the decorating time.  Concentric Squares, Hexagon, and any of the Texture Origami patterns are all great options to start! 

5. Amazing Mold Putty 

This MOLD PUTTY consists of two (food safe) compounds that are combined to create a small ball of dough that quickly sets up into a flexible mold to use with fondant or chocolate! 

6. Guide to hand painted eyes 

Whether you are an pencil artist or a cookie artist -- getting eyes right is just tricky business! Get started on the road to success with this GUIDE TO HAND PAINTED EYES.  

7. Sweet Sticks water activated food paint 

Food coloring in a watercolor palette form! What could be more fun? - 

8. Color chart cards 

You can combine food coloring into limitless icing color combinations... but getting the right shade with the colors you have can feel like trying to train a monkey to randomly type Shakespearean plays on a typewriter. Take the guesswork out of coloring icing with these ratio-based color charts that work with Americolor food coloring.  

9. White spatulas 

These will probably NEVER NOT be on my list. I buy 10 of these every year and always regret not buying more! These flexible nylon spatulas are good for everyone and everything!

10. Lego gingerbread man 

Because....gingerbread men

11. Painty Mcgoo paintbrush set

This food color paintbrush set was curated by a master food color painting artist. It has ALL the brushes you need, and none of the ones you don't! 

Essential gift guide for cookie decorators


(These are not the most glamourous gifts, but they are the details that success is built upon.)

1. Cookie cutters

It's ALWAYS about the cookie cutters with these people. That's not a judgement. It's an objective fact. You can scour Etsy for the most random/adorable/useful/strangest cutter on the whole planet. Or you can head straight to one of my favorite cutter shops (like ANN CLARK or BOBBI'S) and go crazy picking out fun new cutters!!

2. The Crafted Cookie Book

The Crafted Cookie is the best cookie decorating book to come out this year!! It has designs for all seasons and occasions as well as great tips and tricks for even seasons decorators! Another promising book hits the shelves next week - Sweet Talk Cookies

3. Stencil frame 

A stencil frame is an absolute MUST for any decorator that uses stencils! The revolutionary frame from The Sweetest Tiers is a no-brainer for anyone that routinely makes more than 2 dozen cookies at a time. It also comes with a silk screen option to add additional precision for even the most detailed stencils.  (You can get them both together cheaper HERE.) If the cookie decorator you are shopping for makes cookies on a smaller scale, or you just need a little more bang for your buck, the STENCIL GENIE is a brilliant stencil frame that also comes with a silk screen option

4. Perforated mesh baking mats 

Perforated mesh baking mats have been around for years, but they are REALLY having a moment in the cookie decorating world. The perforations let excess fat drain below the baking cookies and allow the cookies to bake more evenly and uniformly. And as an added bonus, it gives the bottom of the cookie a gorgeous texture! You can find budget friendly (but still high quality) mats HERE or grab some colored mats HERE or HERE

TIP: Double check the baking pan size before ordering. These mats SHOULD NOT BE CUT if they are too large. 

5. Food color and tool organizer

As a general rule... cookie decorating tools and supplies are tricky to organize and keep organized. If you live with a cookie decorator, you **may** have already noticed this. 😂😂 This organizer is my favorite! Because it's clear-ish you can easily see what's inside...and remember where things go! It comes with an organizing tray that holds 16 small food color bottles and 4 medium food color bottles. 

If the cookie decorator in your life has A LOT more food coloring than that, allow me to suggest this additional food color organizing tray. 

6. Rolling pin 

It's probably easy to see how this would be necessary. But finding the RIGHT rolling pin may not be as simple. For a beginning cookie decorator, the Joseph Joseph adjustable rolling pin is ideal. For someone who has already figured out their favorite thickness, the Cookie Countess Precision Rolling Pin will really make their day!!

7. Scale

Kitchen scales are fairly inexpensive, but can really change their baking lives. It simplifies batch baking and makes it easy to achieve consistent, reliable results. And for the price -- you really have no reason not to!! THIS one is my favorite scale. Don't let it's low price tag fool you, I've owned mine for years and it still works like the day I bought it!

8. Cookie Swivel

This acrylic turn table is cookie-sized! Place the cookie on top and easily rotate the cookie to add details!

9. Gift cards

Give them the gift of their own personal shopping spree!! There are tons of great all-around cookie shops that sell a variety of tools and supplies. Here are some great shops to start with -

Business cookie decorating gift guide


(Must-have items for a decorator that sells their cookies!)

1. Wooden beads 

This is a huge, inexplicable trending trend. Cookie decorators the world over are adding these bead strands to photos to add interest and dimension. The white bead garlands are by far the most popular, but you can also find them in other fun colors too!

2. Thick curling ribbon

This thick curling ribbon makes a packaging statement without the work typically required of regular ribbon! Cut the effort not the presentation!

3. Stencil box organizer 

If you have one stencil, you have 100 stencils. And you're going to need a place to keep them all. I've tried a lot of different ways to organize stencils and this box is my favorite. Grab these heavy duty zipper bags to protect your stencils if you've thrown any of the original packaging away!

4. Label printer

Print pick up labels for all your orders in seconds! Be sure to grab the DYMO 450 Label printer NOT the 550. The 550 only prints on DYMO brand label rolls...which are super pricey. 

5. Cookie packaging slide

For someone who makes and sells mini size cookies or cookies packaged in long sleeve bags, these cookie packaging slides are ESSENTIAL.  

6. Impulse heat sealer

This machine sends an impulse down a central wire that instantly heats as the top is pressed close. Use an impulse heat sealer to seal (melt) cookie packaging bags to keep cookies fresh for longer! You can get an impulse sealer with a built in cutter, but they are nearly double the price. 

7. Tape sealer

While the tape sealer *can* seal cookie packaging bags, it's primary use it to close the end of piping bags. This is especially useful for cookie decorators that teach classes or offer DIY cookie decorating kits!

8. Clear cookie box

Your favorite cookie decorator probably already has some boxes for packaging up their cookies for orders. But these clear cookie boxes are the hottest new packaging options this fall! 

Top fun Christmas gift guide ideas for cookie decorating


(Nothing necessary or essential here!)

1. Vintage baking poster

Whether you want to go old-school-classic vintage or you're drawn to something a little more edgy - you can find some fun vintage baking posters HERE

2. Patterned Rolling Pin 

These patterned rolling pins work with *most* non-spread recipes. They for sure work with my Vanilla 2.0 and the Chocolate recipes. Use them to make "just for fun" cookies, or flip the cookies over and decorate the back to keep this pretty pattern on your decorated cookies!

3. Modern calligraphy book

Why is practicing fancy handwriting SO SOOTHING?! Not only is this hand lettering book fun, you can also use it to practice your piping! Just place a piece of wax paper over a page (or tear it out and put it in a sheet protector) and practice your lettering!  

4. Shirts 

Wear your cookie decorator pride on your sleeve with these cookie decorating themed t-shirts and tanks!

5. Evil Cake Genius metallic icing mixes

Traditionally, if you want icing that looks metallic, you have to pipe regular icing, wait for it to dry and then painstakingly paint each tiny detail. With these metallic icing mixes...you just pipe and go!! 

6. Lego Baking Competition 

It's a BAKING COMPETITION LEGO SET!!! What's not to love? The accessories are adorable and it comes with three little bakers and the tiniest rolling pin ever!! 

7. Vanilla Beans

The prices of vanilla have skyrocketed over the last few years. Snag some vanilla beans so the cookie decorator in your life can try making their OWN vanilla flavoring! Some great options to start are - Madagascar, Mexico, and Tahiti vanilla beans. 

8. Cookie Kits

It's like a class in a box! All the ingredients, tools, and supplies you need to make 2 dozen fun new cookie designs! Each cookie decorating kit comes with tutorials and instructions and even videos to help you create in a fun, relaxing way!

Expensive gift ideas for someone who loves cookie decorating


(These are the big ticket, sure-to-impress, wow-factor gift ideas!)

1. Mini projector 

A mini projector is super helpful when trying ton pipe lettering or designs that require absolute consistency - like logo cookies! The new KODAK Luma projector is more user friendly and has less connectivity issues than any other projector currently on the market. If your beloved cookie decorator complains about their cantankerous AAXA pico...THIS is the projector for them!

2. Phone stand

Cookie decorators love to share the cookie joy with cookie decorating videos and the Canvas Lamp phone stand lets them easily create high quality stable videos with perfect lighting! 

3. Eddie Printer 

The Eddie Printer prints food coloring directly onto iced cookies...or marshmallows, or crackers...or...ANYTHING! It is NOT cheap, but if the cookie decorator in your life takes corporate orders, or orders of more than 7 dozen cookies at a time...this food printer WILL pay for itself in only a few orders. 

4. Wireless airbrush

Airbrushes are a great way to add extra detail and dimension in less time. Grab a wireless airbrush to make it even easier!! Check out this airbrush and this airbrush. They are both fantastic and honestly...their prices vary kind of wildly. Choose whichever one is cheaper today. 😂😂    

5. Earlywood wooden utensils

A true artisan will appreciate finely crafted tools. These gorgeous wooden utensils from Earlywood designs are a truly indulgent experience. (And that's coming from a total cheapskate here.) My personal favorite set is the Trifecta

6. 3D printer

If you can't find your cookie decorator's front door because of all the packages containing cookie cutters they just couldn't say no to...a 3D printer is a clear winner. In addition to printing ALLLLLL the cookie cutters, it's super useful for printing all sorts of toys and household items! The Ender 3 Pro is really user friendly and reliable and allows you to print up to 5 cutters at once!

7. Dough Sheeter

There are lots of fun parts of cookie decorating. Rolling out the dough is never one of them. If you super love a cookie decorator...this dough sheeter is what dreams are made of. This manual sheeter is a great option if your budget doesn't cover the electric version!

8. Dehydrator

A dehydrator is used to quick set cookie icing so the decorator can move on to the next step. It's not used long enough or hot enough to actually dehydrate the COOKIE. It's 1 part time save, 2 parts cookie safe, and 3 parts amazing! The ideal dehydrators have trays that slide in and out like drawers and have a fan on the top or back side of the dehydrator. The Excalibur 9 tray,  the Gourmia 9 tray, and the Magic Mill 7 tray are great options!  (Cabela's has a great 10 tray and 12 tray dehydrator, but they aren't available online. But DEFINITELY watch their Black Friday sales!!)

TIP: Avoid dehydrators that have fans on the bottom. They WILL dry out cookies. 😬

Complete guide to cookie decorating gift ideas for 2021

Need more cookie decorating gift ideas?? I've got you covered!


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