Cookie Decorator Online Gift Guide 2020

Use this online holiday shopping guide to pick out the BEST cookie decorating gifts for the cookie decorator or baking enthusiast in your life!

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Cookie decorating gift list ideas

So...this year happened. 😳😳

And it's still here.

And now Christmas will be here soon and at least there's that. And frankly, I need a little bright light and hope in my days. 

Holiday shopping this year is a little crazy because shipping times are all over the place. And store hours are super wonky. But on the positive side -- TONS of businesses are spreading their traditional Black Friday sales out through the month of November so every day is a new party!

If you are here because you love a cookie decorator and want to make them happy -- I AM HERE FOR YOU!!!  

I've got some fun new gift ideas for you this year...and some classic gift ideas too! If you're pressed for time, I've got these handy links so you can jump right to the section that fits your needs!!!


Use this Amazon list for beginner decorators and just shove things into your cart and go.

Or use this Amazon list for more experienced bakers and decorators and just shove things into your cart and go.

Jump to any section by clicking a link below!

Cookie decorator stocking stuffer gift list


 (Small gifts under $15.)

1. Scribe Tool

I promise...they will never have too many scribe tools. Grab some HERE

2. McGoo Goo Stick 

A 2-in-1 tool that is both a scribe tool and a scraper tool! Super functional and fun. Grab it HERE

3. Paintbrush Set 

Everyone needs a  paintbrush set designed for painting with food coloring! Grab one HERE. (You can also snag a FOOD COLOR PALETTE to go with it!)

4. Sprinkles 

There is really no reason to ever need sprinkles. That's why getting them is so fun!! Find a great selection HERE, HERE, or HERE

5. Spatula 

If you buy ONE OF THESE, buy seven. They are SOOOO useful!!

6. Kitchen Timer

Easily lost or broken, it's great to have a back up! Go for WATERPROOF or ADORABLE - you can't lose! 

7. Oven Thermometer

Take a quick look in their oven. If you don't see a thermometer - GRAB ONE HERE. I've never baked in an oven that is 100% accurate 100% of the time. This will change their baking life.

8. Color Chart Cards

Making the right color of icing without wasting food coloring and time can be incredibly frustrating for some decorators. Give them the gift of time and sanity with these easy to use ROYAL ICING COLOR MIXING CARDS

9. Perforated Baking Mats

Silicone baking mats keep cookies from sticking to the baking sheet. But PERFORATED BAKING MATS are fun and functional! The perforations allow excess fat from the butter to drain to the bottom of the baking sheet to create a cookie that has a gorgeous top AND bottom. The tiny texture created on the bottom of the cookies with perforated baking mats is sure to make your cookie decorator's perfection loving heart happy!

Essential gift ideas list for cookie decorators


(Just like it sounds - these gifts are basic essentials that nearly every cookie decorator needs/wants more of.)

1. Cutters. Cutters. Cutters. 

To be clear, I'm talking about cookie cutters. Every decorator NEEDS more cutters. (I mean... if you really want them to be happy. 🤣🤣) Grab fun shapes for upcoming holidays, snag the newest SWEET SUGARBELLE SET or purchase a gift card to a fun cutter shop if you're no sure what they like! Here are some of my favorites -- 

2. Stencils 

Stencils can be used with an airbrush or with icing. And just like the cutters above, you can snag a fun design or choose a gift card and let them shop away! Many decorators already have some stencils and still want eleventy million more. It's a thing. Here are some of my favorite stencil shops -- 

and for digital stencil downloads -- STENCIL EXPRESSIONS!

3. Gift Cards for Tools and Supplies

I know. I know. It's not sexy. But you're giving them the gift of indulging....of making a secret wish come true. And that's totally worth it!! Here are some great all around supply shops-- 

4. Stencil Frame 

A stencil frame holds the stencil tight over the cookie to make the stencil easier to use. If they have stencils, they NEED a frame. And if they haven't tried THE NEWEST STENCIL FRAME FROM THE SWEETEST TIERS -- they will love you forever for introducing them to it! It's truly revolutionary. (Out of your budget? Another honestly great option is the STENCIL GENIE!)

5. Silk Screen Frame 

A new trend this year is the use of a silk screen frame WITH a regular stencil frame to help with precision. THIS SILK SCREEN FRAME is a generic sized that can work with any stencil frame. Or you can get THIS FRAME that is designed to fit with both the STENCIL GENIE and THE SWEETEST TIER STENCIL HOLDER.

6. Silicone Molds 

Silicone molds are great for adding quick last minute details to cookie designs. This FLOWER, This FLOWER, and this BOW are the top three molds I'd recommend starting with. 

7. Rolling Pin With Guides

If the cookie decorator in your life is still using a regular rolling pin, consider giving them an upgrade to a rolling pin that guarantees an even thickness of dough every time! The JOSEPH JOSEPH ROLLING PIN is a solid rolling pin that has interchangeable rings to allow for different thicknesses. They can use the pin for cookie dough or pie dough and everything in between. THE COOKIE COUNTESS PRECISION ROLLING PIN is an incredibly high quality rolling pin that comes in 3 sizes with a built in guide ring on each. If you're not sure which one to get - a well placed, "Wow those cookies look so good! How thick do you roll them? Is that what makes them taste so good?" will tell you everything you need to know. 

8. Kitchen Scale 

They need a kitchen scale. This is my favorite, extremely accurate and surprisingly reasonably priced KITCHEN SCALE

9. Cookie Swivel

One part adorable, seventy six parts functional. This acrylic TURNTABLE is the perfect size for cookie decorating!!

Business of Baking gift ideas for cookie decorators for Christmas


(These gifts are for decorators who have taken their love of decorating beyond hobby level and are now selling cookies.)

1. Display Shelf 

If the cookie decorator in your life is selling at markets, expos, or hosting pop-up shops on their porch -- they need sharp displays to show off their gorgeous cookies. Try this LADDER SHELF, this BASKET SHELF, or this BASKET SHELF.  This table top STAND, this table top STAND, or these CHALKBOARD CRATES are also great options!

2. Supply Cart 

Keep the ever increasing tools and supplies handy and organized with this 3 TIER SUPPLY CART.  (Watch the sales at craft stores. They often have it for half the price you can get it online!)

3. Organizing Tools

There is a lot to organize. Here are my favorite products for organizing PIPING TIPS, SPRINKLES, SMALL TOOLS AND FOOD COLORING, BOXES, and STENCILS. (You'll also need THESE BAGS for the stencils.)

4. Tape Sealer 

If your favorite decorator teaches classes, creates DIY kits or decorates more than 3 dozen cookies in a week, this TAPE SEALER will be an absolute time saver for closing up piping bags!!

5. Heat Sealer 

Not to be confused with the tape sealer, this product is designed to seal bags of cookies so they stay fresher longer! Impulse heat sealers come in two sizes. The 8" SEALER is more than enough!

6. Festive Packaging

 For the cookie decorator that sells cookies and wants to stand out in the market, or truly enjoys the presentation when gifting cookies -- Surprise them with some FESTIVE NEW PACKAGING OPTIONS!! You can even click on "CHOOSE SAMPLES" and pick up to 5 boxes to try out and only pay shipping! 

Best and fun gift list ideas for cookie baking and decorating enthusiasts


(Not a single thing in this list is necessary. These are the super fun and exciting ideas.)

1. Metallic Icing Mixes  

These ROYAL ICING MIXES create icing that is actually shiny and metallic looking (but still 100% FDA approved!!) Trust me... this is very exciting for a cookie decorator!!

2. Subscription Boxes 

You can choose to get a box each month...or just for one month. These subscriptions boxes are usually filled with fun new tools and supplies and usually something just plain fun! Check them out at THE COOKIE COUNTESS, SIMPRINTCITY,  or SHEER CELEBRATIONS.

3. Wafer Paper Flowers 

Get them some fun wafer paper shapes to try out! I'd recommend THESE FLOWERS, THIS SET, and THESE HEARTS to start with.  Or try these gorgeous EDIBLE PAPERS HERE

4. Vanilla Extract Samplers 

Vanilla can taste very different depending on the type of bean and how the vanilla is made. GRAB A FEW SAMPLE SIZES and let your cookie decorator find their new favorite!! Use code LILALOA_COOKIES30 to save 30% off your order!!

5. Uncommon Cocoa Powders

If they have made, do make, or have considered making more than vanilla sugar cookies, get them some exciting cocoa powders to try! My top recommendations are GENIE'S DREAM COCOA #3, COOKIE COWGIRL'S COCOA, CALLEBAUT ROYAL DUTCH COCOA, and GHIRARDELLI MAJESTIC COCOA.

6. Cookie Kits

For anyone interested in decorating that doesn't already have ALL. THE. THINGS. From ingredients to tools and supplies, these COOKIE DECORATING KITS have everything they need to create stunning cookies!

7. Burt’s Bees Hand Repair 

Trust me. When a cookie decorator washes their hands eleventy million times a day, they need THIS HAND CREAM.

8. Fancy Measuring Cups or Spoons 

Yes, regular old measuring tools work. But these COPPER/GOLD MEASURING CUPS AND SPOONS will guarantee that they think about you with a smile every time they bake!!

9. Cookie Jewelry 

Let them show off their cookie love in style with this CHARM BRACELET, NECKLACE, or these EARRINGS

10. Cookie Shirts 

Custom cookie apparel is ALWAYS fun!!! Check out THIS SHIRT, THIS SHOP, or THIS SHOP. 

11. Phone Camera Lens Kit

If they enjoy taking photos of their cookies, snag them this LENS KIT that is designed to work with their phone's camera! It allows them to play around with depth and angles for more artful photos of their creations!

What to buy for cookie decorators


(If you are prepared to be a little more spendy or want a real statement gift.)

1. Dough Sheeter

Rolling out cookie dough takes a lot of time and effort and can put strain on the joints in the arms and shoulder. A manual or electric dough sheeter dramatically reduces all of that! Look for a sheeter that is at least 15" wide and can go as thin as 2mm like THIS MANUAL SHEETER,  THIS MANUAL SHEETER or THIS ELECTRIC SHEETER.   

2. A 3D Printer

There are never enough cookie cutters. And they always need a new one at the very last possible second. Snag them a 3D printer and solve their problems!! (As an added bonus, you also get to reduce future spending on more cutters!) The two best 3D printers for cookie decorators are the ENDER 3PRO and the SILHOUETTE ALTA

3. Airbrush

An airbrush opens a whole new world of cookie decorating! From quick backgrounds to impressive shading, an airbrush is an exciting now tool to work with! I recommend the AIRGENIE, the ADC AIRBRUSH, or the COOKIE COUNTESS AIRBRUSH

4. Baking rack

If you can't remember the last time you saw your dining table because it's always covered in trays of drying cookies...give your cookie decorator a gift everyone can enjoy by purchasing a baking rack. They come in HALF SIZE and FULL SIZE and you can even snag a few more BAKING SHEETS to fill them up!

5. Mini Projector

A mini projector allows for more precision when recreating designs and lettering on cookies. (Bonus... you can totally use it for movies too!) I recommend the AKASO or AAXA projectors!


7. Online Classes

Let them hone their craft and connect with other cookie decorators with an online class subscription from ARTY MCGOO or CRAFTSY!

8. Dehydyrator

If you know a cookie decorator that regularly makes more than one dozen cookies in a week... Or a cookie decorator that routinely stays up well past 11pm decorating cookies... Or a cookie decorator that wishes their cookies were shinier, brighter, and filled with less craters and color bleeding -- THEY NEED A DEHYDRATOR. 

A dehydrator is used on the lowest heat setting for 10-15 minutes to quick set the icing so they can move on to the next step. It's not used to fully dry the icing so it won't dry out the cookies. I recommend the LEM 5 OR 10 TRAY, the EXCALIBUR 9 TRAY, the CABELA'S 10 TRAY or the CABELA'S 12 TRAY.

If you decide to get a different dehydrator -- just make sure that you do NOT get one that has a fan blowing UP from the bottom. The fan on the bottom dehydrators WILL dry out the cookies. 

9. Dreambox Organizer

The ultimate hobby tool and supply organizer. A standing closet, office, and dream vacation all in one. Don't even click over until you are ready to fully appreciate that magnificence and brilliance that is the Dreambox. Are you ready? CLICK HERE

10. Stencil Cutting Machine

Stencils can be an absolute time saver when decorating. If the cookie decorator in your life talks about stencils enough for you to already know they use them...chances are they would love to create their own!! I would recommend either the CRICUT EXPLORE AIR 2 or the SILHOUETTE CAMEO 4. There is a hot debate between which machine is better. They have similar cut quality. It kind of boils down to the Cricut being easier to figure out and having more creative freedom with the Silhouette. 

Best baking and cookie decorating gift ideas for kids and teens


(Inspire a love of baking at ANY age!)

1. Dress Up Baking Kit

Combine baking, dressing up, and fun tools and you've got the perfect recipe for lifetime memories! Check out THIS KIT to get started!

2. Mom and Me Aprons

Baking with your favorite little one is just the excuse you need to don one of these ADORABLE MOM AND ME APRONS!!!

3. Team Cookie Shirts

Make cookie decorating a family event with these MATCHING COOKIE CREW SHIRTS!!

4. Candy Eyes

It really doesn't matter what kind of cookie you are baking or decorating. These CANDY EYEBALLS will make it more fun!!

5. Squishy Decorating Bottles

It's sometimes hard for little hands to making piping bags or larger decorating bottles work. These SQUISHY BOTTLES will make the fun more accessible....and reduce the chance of icing exploding out everywhere!!

6.  Cutter and Stamp Set

These chunky plastic cutters are super sturdy for your little helpers. And once baked, the impressions in the cookie are MADE to hold icing. This bright and fun CUTTER SET is sure to inspire confidence in young bakers and new bakers alike!!

7. Kid Friendly Cookbooks 

Get their creative ideas flowing with cookbooks designed with your little ones in mind! Check out KAWAII SWEET WORLD, KIDS RECIPES FOR CHRISTMAS, KID CHEF BAKES, or even a RECIPE JOURNAL for them to record their own creations!



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