How To Make Decorated Parchment Fall Leaf Sugar Cookies

Learn how to make some colorful Fall or Autumn leaf decorated sugar cookies with this royal icing cookie decorating tutorial!! 

Fall themed decorated chocolate sugar cookies - how to make decorated cookies

We've run out of "acceptable" breakfast cereals at my house. I'm not gonna's been rough. 

Sometimes, I buy cereals based on the nutritional content and my current efforts as a loving mother to help my children be self-aware and make healthy food and life choices so that someday they can grow up to be happy, successful adults. Sometimes, I buy cereals based on my very low tolerance for incessant "please, please, pleasing" while simultaneously jumping about and very nearly knocking things over. 

So as you can imagine, we have a stack of healthy-er-ish cereals in our cupboards of whose very existence my children refuse to acknowledge. 

After being away a bunch this fall because of back-to-back CookieCon schedules...we hit an all-time low this week. The very last of the impulse cereal purchases was consumed. 

My kitchen table looked like a scene from the Colosseum - open cereal boxes everywhere as they tried to find one that was brightly colored and tasted remotely like straight sugar, cereal pieces all over the floor from the bitter back-and-forth tug-of-war struggle of the final bowl of the final box, chairs knocked over, one child crying ON THE TABLE, and milk...everywhere. 

I feel like at this point, we're just going to have to power through. Either they will become Spartan warriors...or...actually, that's probably the only option really. Because they are NOT quitters. They won't be giving up on those sugar cereals any time soon. 

UPDATE: They found some of my leftover cookies from CookieCon and have started eating those for breakfast instead. 

Step by step decorated sugar cookie tutorial for textured fall leaf sugar cookies

How to make parchment textured Autumn leaf decorated sugar cookies:

Step 1. 

With a medium consistency brown royal icing and a #3 tip, pipe a stem down the center of the cookie. Let dry for 2 hours. 

Step 2. 

Cut squares of parchment paper about 3" by 5". Fold each square in half vertically and then fold diagonal lines out from the center of the fold. Crease each fold firmly and then unfold. 

Step 3. 

Outline and flood the rest of the leaf with a medium consistency yellow royal icing and a #3 tip. 

Step 4.

Immediately place the creased parchment square on top of the cookie. Press gently on the surface to smooth the icing to the parchment. Let dry for 3-4 hours.

Step 4.5

When dry, the parchment paper kind of just falls off the surface of the royal icing. You may have to pull it off if you have some good deep creases, but I actually had a hard time KEEPING the parchment on long enough to take a video of the removal. 😂😂

Speaking of the video...see it all come together in this Parchment Paper Textured Fall Leaf cookie decorating video tutorial.


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Fall cookie decorating how-to tutorial for autumn texture leaves sugar cookies


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