How To Make Decorated Watercolor Leaf Cookies

cookie decorating -- watercolor leaves daughter ran away a few weeks ago. And not the one you are thinking. Actually, maybe it IS the one you are thinking. I don't really know what you are thinking. Why would you assume that I do? Gosh. I'm not a mind reader. was my 2 year old Little P. We were at the post office minding our own business, playing the ever-entertaining, "Can you find...?" game with the greeting cards. You know, like, "Can you find a card with a dog that is wearing a party hat and also driving a car?" Or "Can you find a card that looks like an amoeba riding a bicycle but is really walrus baking a cake?" They are pretty good at the game. And then finally, it is our turn at the desk. I put my bag down and pull out my packages. I look at my 4 year old and then look in the other direction and there is no Little P.

My 4 year old runs around the counter that is in the center of the room and screams, "SHE'S GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The post office lady says, "Just go!" and I dropped everything. Like, my purse, my phone, everything and ran for the lobby. There is some guy in the lobby just standing there with both arms pointing out the front door. So I run outside and see two ladies loading packages into their car and they freeze and both point to the parking lot and one says, "She's running." I couldn't see her ANYWHERE. I mean, she's little and it's a parking lot. And a car is pulling in and I was about to freak out and start singing some Broadway musical just to distract them enough so they would stop moving until I could find Little P...when I saw her...running as fast as she could down the SIDEWALK in her little princess dress and too-big shoes that she had stolen from her sister. Let me tell you... I ran like LIGHTNING. Or at least like someone who really really really wants something and they have to run fast to get it. I scoop her up in my arms and she is GIGGLING and shouts, "I funny!!! I funny Mommy!"

Cookie decorating tutorial -- water color leaf

Needless to say, I am now known as "The mother of the one that got away" at the post office. Every time I go in, someone runs in the back to grab a snack or a candy for my Little P so she doesn't run away. And she'll say, "I never run away ever again!" And then they laugh and give her another candy. That girl. It's like she planned the whole thing. It was just some dramatic stunt to let the people at the post office know that I don't provide enough sugar on a daily basis. But let me tell you...I do. :)

Do you want to see how I made these watercolor leaf cookies? They are super fun!!


Get supplies: Find Mister McGoo from Arty McGoo HERE.  And grab a BLACK RAINBOW DUST PEN HERE.

See how I made the WOOD GRAIN THANKFUL cookie. 


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