How To Make Woodgrain Decorated Cookies

How to make decorated sugar cookies with a wood grain look -- tutorial

It's funny. As a kid, I always thought that when I grew up and bought my own groceries...I would buy SunChips every single time. I would live on SunChips. I would build my house out of SunChips and I would send SunChips Christmas cards that turned into bags of SunChips when you opened them.

And then I got older.

And learned about these things called "vegetables" and "exercise" and "modeling healthy behavior for children" and I cried inside because I never wanted to be a grown up ever again.

Make your own wood grain sugar cookies for Thanksgiving

And now when I go to the store and feel all "splurgy" and "spontaneous" I end up buying kitchen garbage bags...with DRAW STRINGS. One time, I even went all out and got the kind that smell like lavender. ( FYI -- Totally did NOT smell like lavender. Don't waste your money. Buy SunChips instead.)

And then I come home and drown my SunChips sorrows in cookie decorating. Which is kind of ironic because these are "grateful" and "blessed" woodgrain cookies. And now I'm feeling all self-conscious. And awkward. And I don't know why you are staring at me like that.

Learn how to make your own decorated woodgrain sugar cookies

I have an idea.

Let's eat SunChips and make woodgrain cookies together. What do you say? (Please say yes. It's starting to get uncomfortable in here.)

I didn't take pictures...because it's more of a process. But I have a whole video. You can watch it now. I don't mind.



Make some quick and adorable TURKEY COOKIES to go with these cookies!


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