How to Make an Easy Fall Bouquet of Decorated Cookies

Quick and easy decorated scribble sunflowers and leaves for fall!! -- Tutorial

My littlest one can count to ten now. It goes like this -- "1, 2, 3, 4, Mommy, Daddy, 10." She's pretty much brilliant. I couldn't be more proud. She's pretty much a shoe-in for the cookie community. Because, let me tell you -- the place is full of brilliance.

I'm not sure if you've heard of Callye from Sweet Sugarbelle or Jill from Jill FCS... (Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Best joke ever.)... but I'm kind of obsessed with their styles. They both have such a fantastic way of keeping things SIMPLE with just the right amount of perfect details that make a design completely...PERFECTION. They are like the Michelangelo and the DaVinci of the cookie world. (If only they had 2 more friends and were green -- they could make a mildly entertaining television cartoon series about decorating cookies underground while solving crimes...)

Stop distracting me! My point is - I've always wanted to be just like them. I've studied them. And stalked them. Once, I even had lunch with Callye. (And, I'm just saying... it was PIZZA. Coincidence? ) And since Callye's new cookie decorating line has come out and I started rubbing them all over my face.... wait. That came out wrong. What I mean to say is that I know, casually looked through my pile of Sweet Sugarbelle cutters and kind of liked a few of them. LIE!! That's a lie! The truth is that I've never been so completely inspired by simple cutters in my entire life. I love them.

I was packaging up the Michaels exclusive Harvest cutters last night and basically lost my mind. I had this fantastic idea for a set of cookies and somehow the dough from the freezer ended up in the oven and...

Quick and easy decorated scribble sunflowers and leaves for fall!! -- Tutorial

...I'm a little hazy on the details, but I woke up to this fall bouquet of cookies this morning. It's the perfect balance of Callye and Jill!! I will now diminish and go into the West.

Also. My littlest one has decided to have butter for dinner. I'm telling you. She's destined for cookies.

These cookies are SO CRAZY fast to make. With the exception of the milk bottle...they are all wet-on-wet and can be done in seconds. I'll show you. Because I know you think I'm exaggerating. (I actually might be. I didn't really time myself.)


Grab the cutters: MILK BOTTLE, GREEN LEAF, OAK LEAF, MAPLE LEAF. The Sunflower cutter is currently only available at Michaels Craft stores. Grab one before they're gone! 

Here's another fun and easy way to decorate FALL LEAF COOKIES! (It's my kids' favorite!)

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