How to Make Easy Seashell Cookies

Cookie decorating tutorial -- decorated seashell cookies

You guys. I've been doing this "competitive fitness" challenge thing with some fellow cookie decorators. It's all about being healthier and sleeping and eating vegetables and blah, blah, blah. Pretty much it's turned into the grown up version of kids on the playground daring each other to eat dirt, except it's brussels sprouts and bok choy instead of dirt. The down side is that as adults, we can't just spit it out and high five everyone and call it a success. We have to actually EAT it. And pretend like we're totally cool, responsible adults that eat vegetables for snacks. You know, because we've just trained our bodies to crave healthy, responsible foods. And we definitely don't eat ice cream just because we're stressed out because every person in the house is screaming at us including ourselves and we don't even know how that happened. Responsible adults don't do that. They eat ice cream from a tiny little glass jar on a stand with a tiny little spoon that they put down 4 bites in because the ice cream is just "too sweet." LIKE THAT'S EVEN POSSIBLE.

The truth is...last night, I had this FANTASTIC dream where I went to a buffet restaurant. And they had all the desserts in the entire world and mashed potatoes. And I looked around and no one in my challenge group was at the restaurant so I totally tried EVERYTHING!! But then I felt guilty. And my alarm went off. So I went running. Because I'm an adult and I don't have a playground to play on and children to chase. Because that would be creepy and not at all innocent and fun. And I really don't want to turn in to the creepy neighbor. I already entice children into my house with the promise of baked goods and candy. Now that I think about it, I might actually be a fairy tale witch. That would explain some things.

Decorated Seashell Sugar Cookies -- how-to

This challenge group of mine is seriously avoiding sweets. I nearly lost my mind when I was baking cookies this morning and one of them broke in half, fresh out of the oven. I wanted to re-create my dream and shove it in my mouth while reaching for a pie....but I didn't. It's pretty much a back-to-school miracle. I snatched up the pieces and threw them to my children for safe keeping. Crisis averted. You can imagine that the less I have to touch a cookie while decorating it...the better off I am right now. So these seashell cookies are perfect because they take just SECONDS to make!! And the best part -- you can make them with one of your new SHAPE SHIFTER cutters!!

It's all wet-on-wet so I just made you a video. Because I'm thoughtful like that. And not at all childishly eating ice cream. (Probably.)


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