How to Pipe Royal Icing Ruffled Flowers

Learn how to make some 3D piped ruffle flowers with royal icing with this cookie decorating tutorial!! 

royal icing ruffled flowers

I've started categorizing my days by how many people in my home have had a complete meltdown before 10am.

One child sobbing over a missing Lego piece that is the size of a splinter and can apparently cure cancer while simultaneously dancing a jig -- Threat Level 1.

Two children locked into an un-resolvable conflict over the last Nutella pancake that ends in said pancake landing on the floor....Nutella side down, and another one crying because her sister accidentally-on-purpose drew on the piece of paper she was SAVING for a very important secret thing -- Threat Level 3.

Today is a Threat Level 7 kind of day....and I only have six people in my family.

Which roughly translates into tater tots AND grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.

ruffled royal icing flower transfers

Between the tater tots and the crying... I just couldn't figure out how to take step-by-step photos for these flowers. So I just made a video instead. That I will now be watching on my closet....for the next two days.

Before you watch the video though, here are some tips--

*** I'm sure there is a real name for these flowers...but I don't know it.

*** Use SUPER thick icing. You should be able to turn the bowl of icing upside and down...and the icing should go NOWHERE. (Check out my trick for being able to use thick royal icing without it drying rock hard here.)

*** I used a #224 drop flower tip.

*** You can pipe these on parchment paper, let them dry completely, and then store them in an airtight container for basically forever. I've never had transfers go bad...even after 5-6 years. BUT, I probably wouldn't use them for orders if they were older than 6 months. It just weirds me out. 🤣😂🤣

See it all come together in this royal icing ruffle flower cookie decorating video tutorial.


Get the piping tip: #224 drop flower tip

Add some simple piped swirl roses from Sweet Sugarbelle to the mix!

Have leftover icing? Make your own custom sprinkles!

piped royal icing flowers
ruffled hand piped royal icing flower transfers


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