How to Make Decorated Ruffled Wedding Dress Cookies

Make wedding dress sugar cookies with ruffles!

I went to a wedding today. It was a picture-perfect... complete with a tiny flower girl chasing the petals she's just thrown and a ring bearer striking a pose for anyone who would look at him. I am unbelievably happy for the couple and all too aware of how things have changed since my own wedding.

Getting ready before: Oooh, I only have a couple of hours. I should start putting my dress on and take an entire hour to make sure my make-up is just right and then just sit for a few minutes by myself to really enjoy this moment.

Getting ready now: OH. MY. GOODNESS!! We only have 20 minutes until we have to leave! Everyone to your rooms!! You can NOT wear that! Go find a dress! Where are your shoes? Wash your face! Comb your hair! Let me put it on for you. Hands up! Hands up! Up! UP!!! Gah. Give me your arm. I'll do it. Bring me back my shoes! Someone take that kool aid away from little P! In the car! In the car! What?! Why do you not have shoes on? No. I'll go find them. You get buckled. In the car. The CAR. No, we're not taking our bikes. I don't know how long it will take us. Just get in.

The ceremony before: Slow breathing...This is real. It's really happening. That guy is mine. Sigh.

The ceremony now: Shhh. Shhh. Seriously. STOP. Don't even whisper. You can whisper if you do it quietly. That's not quiet. STOP. Just share your seat with her. Because she's little and she'll scream if you don't. Keep your shoes on. We can play later. YES, it's about to start. STOP. Do NOT touch your sister again. I'll get you a drink when it's over. I don't know where the drinks are, we'll find them later. Shhhh. YES, it's almost over. STOP kicking that chair. Get off the floor. Shhhh.Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

The reception before: I love the way my dress moves. I love being married. I love this food and these people and the lights and the way his suit smells. This is the best day of my life.

The reception now: We're just going to go say "Congratulations" first. Because we're happy for them. Well, *I* am. Yes, you have to come with me. No! Don't step on the flowers! Please, please, please stop chasing the other boys. I know, but just wait 5 minutes. YES, we will go get a drink in JUST A MINUTE. It's 60 seconds. Like, if you count to a hundred that would be about a minute. 30 comes after 29. Don't actually count. We're just going to say hi really fast. Where is your brother? Don't touch the cake!! I got you cheese because you said you wanted it! Don't cry! Just give it to your sister. She didn't even touch it...there are no germs yet. Fine. Put it on my plate. WHAT?! How in the world did you fall in the stream?! No no no!! Take your shoes off! Hand them to me! I'll grab a napkin.  Do NOT touch that cake!!

Make wedding dress sugar cookies with ruffles!
I think it would be safe to say that I'd rather make wedding cookies than go through that again. And these ruffled wedding dress cookies are SO SO fun to make!!! I just love ruffles! I've even made them in 2 different colors now! (Did I mention I love them?)

I lost my step-by-step you'll just have to make do with a video this time. (But really...after reading this post is anyone really surprised that I can't find something?!)

I morphed a few different bridal silhouettes for my royal icing transfer. This is what my final silhouette looked like. Feel free to print it out and use it for your own cookies.Or if you are using color that might have color bleed issues, you can pipe the silhouette directly on to the already dry background using this image in a KK or Pico.

Make wedding dress sugar cookies with ruffles!



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