Fantastic Find: Micro Jars

I like painting on cookies. I love luster dust and I mix my own custom airbrush colors. And I have a cookie cabinet full of tiny plates and dishes with all my custom food color splotches all over them. I just can't bare to wash them when I put little pieces of my soul into each color. But my custom airbrush colors just go dumped down the drain. Every time. And if I accidentally forgot to decorate just ONE more cookie...(What?! Who ever forgets one more cookie on a different tray than where it belongs?!) ... I would have to attempt to re-mix my colors again exactly. But it always turned out to be exactly-ISH. And I would hide the poor cookie on the bottom of the platter even though it never did anything wrong. Poor little cookie. I just couldn't handle being that kind of monster. So when I saw these Micro Jars, I knew in my heart that they were meant for me.

It's basically a hard plastic case with 30 TINY jars inside. The jars are about 1 inch by 1 inch. Which is beyond perfect for me. If you were going to mix colors for 15 dozen cookies at a would probably need the larger size. But I love the tiny jars because I feel like I'm not wasting all of my food coloring on one custom color.

My favorite gold is a mix of gold luster dust and gold airbrush coloring. I mixed up an entire jar and have been using it for the last 3 months. The lids are *tight* but not perfect. My colors don't dry out...but if you tip them upside down and shook them all around and generally made a nuisance of yourself...they would probably leak. I solve this problem by NOT turning them upside down. (I did however, shake one of my jars before I came to my senses and nothing came out...but all the liquid made a mess up inside the plastic threads on the lid.)

You know that amazing CRACKLE TUTORIAL? I used one of these jars to mix up some white food color and cornstarch so I can crackle any cookie I want to...whenever I want to. I even made some crackle-mix in different colors.

You could also use these tiny jars if you mix luster dust with liquid to paint on your cookie. Because the jars are so don't need to dump as much luster dust into them to begin with. And you could even leave the extra luster dust in the jar for next time.

These Micro Jars are definitely not your only option for storing mixed colors. You could use bottles, you could use larger containers. You could try some with pop lids or tall jars or wide jars. For me, these jars are my favorite because they are tiny and because they come in their own case. Because with a case...they would be lost. Because I am not organized. Not even a tiny bit. (Also I love the idea that I could possibly make my own lip balm to put in these tiny jars. Not that I would ever really have the time to do that...but know it is POSSIBLE gets me through the day sometimes.)

These jars are not really good for storing sprinkles or sanding sugars. You could try putting sugar pearls in them...but only the tiny pearls because the jars are...well...TINY. 

Bottom Line: I'm clearly in love with them. At $10 for 30 jars, it's definitely a good deal. If I ever do make lip balm, or somehow fill up every single one of those 30 jars... I would buy another set. And if I were going to go to a white-elephant Christmas party for cookie decorators... I just might bring a set of these.

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Tell me -- I know there are other options. Do you have one you love? 


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