How to Make Decorated Diamond Cookies

Decorated wedding sugar cookies

Between you and me... I kind of love cookie cutters. But not all cutters are created equal. In fact...there are kind of a lot of bad cutters out there. It makes me wonder if the people making them have ever cut a cookie out of dough in their life. You all know the carrot cutter I'm talking about, right?! Or the weirdy tin designs that have been around forever and nobody *really* knows what they are supposed to be. Or the poor camel. I was going to say that the poor camel just can't catch a break...but the problem is that he DOES always break. It's those skinny legs!

My point here is that the best cutters I know are designed AND MADE by cookie decorators themselves. It just makes sense. We know what we need and what we absolutely without a doubt DO NOT need.

Mike from Semi-Sweet started making cookie cutters at the end of last year and I could NOT wait to try them out. Have you seen his COOKIES?! With cookie designs so creatively imagined and meticulously executed...I could only imagine what magic his cutters would hold! I somehow missed his Thanksgiving designs, but I was madly in love at first glance with his Ampersand Cutter at Christmas time. I think I lasted 7 whole seconds before clicking over and making a purchase.

And I did not regret it. I've used it more times than I care to admit since December. Not only is it a fun design for a cookie, but it's also just a really SOLID cutter. It's the perfect balance of not so thick that it won't cut cleanly...but thick enough that you don't feel like you're going to unwittingly crush it in your super-hero strong hands. I'm not sure if you know this...but Mike is kind of an engineering genius. And his cutters definitely show that. Enough of this going on and on about how much I love HIS CUTTERS. Let me show you how I made these fun diamond cookies!!

Easy tutorial for making diamond sugar cookies

1. Outline and flood the entire cookie with a medium consistency white icing.
2. Immediately pipe the general lines of a diamond with a medium consistency gray icing. Let the cookie dry overnight.
3. Spray very lightly with Wilton's Silver Color Mist. You don't want to turn the whole cookie just want to give it some shimmer. (I tried the pearl color mist too...but the silver just shows up better.) Let the color mist dry for 10 minutes.
4. Use a black food color marker to add the details lines for the diamond. And you could totally stop here. I kind of wanted to.
5. But then I couldn't stop myself and I had to add some white crosses for shimmer shines! You could just pipe these right on top of the cookie if you want. I made them as RI transfers because I think I lost my mind. Or because I was already making white RI could go either way really.

See it in action here.



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