Fantastic Find: Click-Twist Brush

I think it's clear that I have a bit of an obsession with gold and brushes right now. And when I saw these CLICK-TWIST BRUSHES...they seemed to be the perfect mix of the two. So naturally I ordered 5 of them.
These brushes are SUCH a great concept. They are like pre-loaded water brushes. But unlike water brushes...they actually work with metallic and pearl colors. I was worried that the metallics would have been watered down to make them work, but they are actually a pretty good, thick coverage.

To make the color come down into the brush, you have to twist the end. When you first get the brush, you'll have to twist it a few times before the coloring comes out. Keep an eye on the tip of the brush. It doesn't come out in a thin stream -- it's more like each twist releases a little glob of color. Don't be impatient like me and twist it a bunch or you'll end up with a ton of coloring coming out all at once.

The biggest downside to these brushes is that the brush itself is pretty blunt. It's marketed for detail work and the graphic for the brush actually shows a fine point...but it's not a fine point at all. These would be great for painting borders or semi-large areas of icing. It's not as ideal for painting in smaller spaces. For example, I think it would just make a mess of things if you tried to use it on anything you piped with a #1.5 tip.

Do you NEED these brushes? Not really. An easy alternative to Click-Twist brushes would be using a regular brush with gold airbrush coloring. Click-Twist brushes are easily more convenient though. So you have to choose between convenience and having control over the size of your brush tip. 

The Bottom Line: They are about $6 each and only have 2ml of coloring in them. I don't think I would purchase the gold or silver again, but I think the pearlescent white will be perfect for highlights and shine lines. 

Here's a quick video of me playing with my Click-Twist brushes. 

Do you want to try some out? I've got a gold and pearlescent white for one of you! Just click that Easy Entry button below before midnight on April 8, 2016.

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What do YOU think? Have you tried them? Do you love them or hate them?

Get the Click-Twist Brushes HERE.


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