Fantastic Find: "Easiest Rose Ever" Cutter

I'm going to be honest with you -- I had pretty low expectations for this "Easiest Rose Ever" Cutter. Like, I already had a mental list of friends I could pass it on to after trying it out. I've pretty much never had success trying to make a sugar flower that looks like an *actual* flower. I've tried a lot and I just don't have that special thing inside of me that makes it happen. (I think it's called "patience.")

This cutter is designed to be used with fondant or gum paste. Basically you roll one of those things out real thin, cut a piece of it with the cutter, fold that piece of fondant or gum paste in half and then just roll it up into a magical sugar rose.

Like this. But it can't really be that simple, right? I mean... I'm SURE I can find a way to mess it up. And I did. But only a little bit. Let me show you.

 The package with the cutter came while I was photographing the wedding cookies this week. I ripped it open and pulled out some fondant. Like everything else I do in life, I only kind of read the instructions and then just went for it. I made this rose. I called it a mediocre success because it looks vaguely like a rose and it took me less than 30 seconds to make. Read that again. THIRTY SECONDS. I loved it enough in 30 seconds to schedule some time the next day to really use the cutter. (And may have also read the instructions this time.)

And this was my second rose. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THIS?! I made it!! With my hands! I can't wait to put some petal dust on it to see if I can make it look even more realistic. SO COOL! It's certainly not as quick as pushing some fondant into a mold and popping it out 10 seconds later. And if you want the rose to look actually realistic, you need to put a little more thought into the rose. The second time around I made sure to roll my fondant much thinner and thinned out the edges of each petal even more. But once I got to the rolling part, it still only took less than 30 seconds. (Before you ask -- I'm going to make a video next week showing you how I did it!) And you guys - it was just plain fun to make too. Whoever thought up this little gem is a genius.

I don't know of any other product that has results like this. I can make roses the traditional way by adding each petal one at a time. But that method kind of requires some kind of skill and patience. This is SO fast. And as you can see by the top photo in this post you can make the roses smaller or larger by cutting the strip of fondant petals shorter or by adding more than one piece to your rose. The rose I made using 2 strips seems a little large for a cookie, but a rose with just one strip would be perfect for popping on top of an otherwise ordinary background cookie. Is this something you will use every day? Probably not. But you will want to.

Bottom Line: I would totally buy this again. And would buy extra to give to my friends. And their children. And another one for me. Because I'm pretty sure my girls are going to freak out when I let them try it with play dough.

Want to try it out? You can get one HERE.

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