How To Make Decorated Easter Chick Cookies

My 4 year old likes to write blog posts with me. She sits next to me on the couch with her little purple computer that makes animal noises and types away with her little fingers like she's getting paid by the letter. Usually she only last for a few minutes though and it quickly devolves into a series of elephant trumpets and buzzing bees while she is lying the floor trying to simultaneously wear my shoes on her hands like puppets and kicking me to the rhythm of Jingle Bells.

Except last time, she just sat there next to me staring at the wall. I just figured she was falling asleep. And then... out of nowhere...she says, "But we didn't even bring the canned corn." And then I stopped writing a blog post because I needed to squish her. And also because I could not FOR THE LIFE OF ME figure out what she could have possibly been thinking about in that little brain of hers.

And then we ate Easter cookies together. Specifically these adorable little chicks. They are beyond quick to make and so adorable. And even better ... you can now get the cutter for them from Bobbi's Cookies and Cutters!!

And since wet-on-wet is so tricky for me to capture on camera...I just made a video instead of taking pictures.


Get the cutter HERE.  
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