Fantastic Find Friday -- Pentel Water Brush

A long time ago in a dream called Cookie Con, Arty McGoo showed me her water brush. And every time she wrote with it...magic came out. So as you can imagine, I was pretty determined to get one for myself. I searched high and low, traveling to at least 2 craft stores, but was unable to procure this enchanted tool. So I bought one on Amazon and waited by the window for it to arrive. My daughters joined me and one of them got tangled up in the curtains, so I decided to just to regular person stuff until it was delivered. And when the pen finally came...I ripped open the packaging and filled it with black food coloring and sat down with my stack of practice paper, ready for the magic to come. AND IT DID!! It really was as magical in person.

Confused? Let's start with the basics. The water brush consists of an empty (refillable) plastic barrel and a brush at the end. It was originally designed to use with...water. But Arty McGoo puts airbrush coloring in the barrel of her water brush and paints with it! She kind of makes everything easy, so I definitely had to try it for myself! I watered down Americolor gel paste instead of airbrush coloring because I was really desperate to put my giant bottle of black food coloring out of it's misery. You pour it into the empty barrel and then screw the two halves of the brush back together. The barrel is quite flexible and you have to squeeze it just a little to get the food color to come down into the brush. Be careful not to squeeze it too much though...because you can squeeze food coloring all over yourself if you don't know your own strength. I'm could basically be an Olympic Water Brush Squeezer, so I'm glad I practiced on paper before trying it on a cookie.

The very tip of the brushes is beautifully smooth and tiny on all the sizes. It's great for adding very small details like eyelashes or outlines. If you are hoping to use these for brush lettering...only the smallest of the three sizes in the COMBO PACK will really work on cookies. (If you are artistic at all though... they would be great for brush lettering on pretty much everything else!)

The great part about these brushes is that you can add ANY color you want to the barrel. And then you can wash it out and try another color! You are no longer limited by pre-made markers. To be fair... you could probably get the same effect with regular paintbrushes and food coloring. The only difference is that with the water brush, you don't run out of coloring. You don't have to re-wet your brush and pick up more just squeeze gently as you're lettering or painting and keep going.

Bottom line-- You don't need these...but they are super fun. I got the COMBO PACK for about $13...but since I can only see myself using the smallest size, I would probably just buy the SMALLEST WATER BRUSH all by itself for about $7.

Want to try them out?! I've got a combo set for one of you! Just click that Easy Entry button below by midnight on Friday, March 11, 2016!

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Can't wait? Get the brush HERE

Do you already have one? Tell me what you think! Is it easy to use? Do you think you'll use the larger sizes? What colors should I set up? (I'm thinking some kind of lip-color pink next...)


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