How To Make Personalized Egg Cookies For Easter

Brightly colored Easter cookies - decorated sugar cookies

Remember Christmas? Or should I say - Remember that one month of your life that you made cookies every waking minute and didn't see your dining room table for weeks on end and you kind of forgot your own name there for a while before you collapsed into bed and got actual sleep? There may have also been candy canes. And hot chocolate. The month of December usually ruins me for cookies until about June. And by then it's warm outside and all I can think about is breathing actual air that isn't laced with sugar and flour so I really don't come back to cookies until the fall.

Which is probably why I start posting Halloween cookies in August. And why I have 8 million of them...and exactly 3 Easter designs. I don't know what happened this year...but I'm ALL OVER the Easter designs. I've got more ideas than there are days before Easter. And I'm not being a braggy-pants. I just want to figure out how it happened so I can do it again. Because if we're being completely honest... I've got 4 kids. I don't think I've been "on top of things" since the second one was born. And after the 4th one I'm pretty satisfied if I'm even vaguely aware of the "things"...much less being on top of them. But here I am with Easter Designs and it's like we've been best friends forever and we totally hang out on the weekends and sometimes on Tuesday mornings instead of cleaning our house. Because really...neither of us are that good of friends with Cleaning or Laundry. But I will tell you this -- Easter Designs and I, we do *NOT* let those two judge us, because we like ourselves for who we are. Easter Designs is cool like that...always pretending like my kitchen isn't covered in icing and powdered sugar the way a real friend would, although I think that Easter Designs secretly picks up the stuffed animals that are all over the place while I'm not looking. You could totally hang out with us if you want to.

1. Use a medium consistency blue icing and a #5 tip to outline the egg. You can also use a #3 tip and just double outline it. 
2. Fill the center of the egg with a thin consistency tan icing. Immediately add some white polka dots. Allow to dry overnight. 
3. Use a brown food color marker to create stitch marks around the edge of the egg. Use medium consistency white icing to outline and fill the edges of the ribbon. Let dry for 15 minutes. 
4. Pipe the rest of the ribbon and allow to dry for 4 hours.
5. Use a food color marker or brush to add a name.

Easter egg, carrots, chick and bunny print decorated sugar cookies


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