How To Make Decorated Chalkboard Frame Cookies for St. Patrick's Day

How To Make Decorated Chalkboard Frame Cookies for St. Patrick's Day ~ Tutorial

There are two kinds of people in this world. The kind that love leftovers and the kind that don't make their own meals. Because I'm pretty sure that if you had to make dinner every night for 3 children, 1 baby and a husband that all have very different nutritional...ummm inclinations...leftovers would be your new best friend. You know the kind that you can call at 3 in the morning because you heard a sound in your basement and either your neighbor left their sprinklers on all night and it's your sump pump turning on or someone has infiltrated your house and you are about to become a ninja whether you want to or not? Leftovers are that kind of friend.

It's like a free meal. Sometimes I pretend that someone else made it for me. Like the me that made it was actually a me from another timeline, so really it wasn't me who made it. And I'm just sitting there enjoying all the work that some other more fantastically talented culinary version of myself has put in to this meal. Now that I think about it... it's kind of like dating myself. Except not weird. Because I am totally not weird.

But I don't ever mix leftovers. I can eat 3 different kinds at the same meal...but they have to be reheated separately. I do not like things to touch. My husband will toss leftovers from an entire week into one bowl. Then... IAMNOTKIDDINGYOU... he pours spaghetti sauce over the whole shebang and starts stirring. This is probably the reason I like to eat by myself...much, MUCH later. Is eating by myself weird? Don't tell me if it is. I mean, if it's weird enough that I might become a danger to myself or others, you could totally tell me. We're friends like that, right?

The thing is... I don't really like when my holidays touch either. We've got St. Patrick's Day AND Easter going on right now. I don't know which one to support. Do I do cookies for one and then the second... or go all out on one and forget the other? Maybe I could just flip-flop back and forth between them? What if they think I'm a spy for the other side and they try to make me talk and tell them all my secrets and they start forcing me to eat food that's touching another food???!! I don't think I'd last. I'd be an awful secret agent. Unless by "secret agent" you mean "sleeping all I want." Because I could rock that if that was an option. I mean... is it? After all these cookies... I'm really hoping you say yes.

I didn't take pictures of these frame cookies because there's a lot going on with them, and it just made more sense to just show you in a video. I hope that's okay.


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