Fantastic Find Friday -- Cookie Swivel

I have had a Cookie Swivel in my possession for a RIDICULOUSLY long time without trying it out with actual cookies. Sometimes I just put it on the counter and spin it while I'm thinking. It's nice that way. It' has such a smooth, soothing spin. And I like smooth things. And spinny things. As it turns out, I like the whole Cookie Swivel. I finally put it to use with cookies this week and I very nearly sent myself a scolding letter for not having used it sooner. But then I started spinning it and calmed myself down.

If you haven't heard of the Cookie Swivel - it's basically a cookie sized turn table made out of clear acrylic. The swivel itself is square, but I love that because it's clear you can see the circular metal frame underneath. I find it very helpful when trying to center the cookie on the Swivel.

I was worried that the acrylic frame would get dirty and stay dirty, but so far it's actually been really easy to clean. To be fair... I didn't smear black food coloring all over it and then try to wash it off 3 days I'm not sure how well it stands up to that. And I probably won't. Not even for science. Because if anything happens to this little Swivel, I would be so sad. Anyway, the top plate comes right off so you can wash it real quick if you need to. Or... wash it slow... you know, however you like to wash things.

It comes apart and fits back together really easy - which is good and bad. It's great for washing...but not so good if you are trying to move the swivel with a cookie on top. That right there is a two-hand job. So hypothetically if you were going to take a picture of it with a cookie on top and you were already holding your camera when you decided to change the would totally have to put that camera down first.

A turntable is obviously not necessary for every type of cookie. I've gotten along fine without it so far. But I don't airbrush a ton. The Swivel is indispensable for airbrushing any part of a cookie. It's beyond easy to give it a gentle spin and get a uniform look on the cookie or reach every angle instead of twisting yourself up in the airbrush tubing. I also used it this week making my shamrock frame cookies and it made a 10 minute job into a 3 minute job. I am not exaggerating. was fun. And I like fun. I was not looking forward to tugging on the parchment paper under the cookie repeatedly so I could pipe the frame. I tend to put off things that are annoying like that. If you do a lot of ruffles, frames, or flower would love the Cookie Swivel.

Also... it's magnetic. At least the metal frame under the top plate is magnetic. So you can use it with your stencils. I tried it with my Stencil Genie and it is the EXACT same size. Which means you have to offset the Genie if you want to use them together. Not a big deal unless wonky things make you hyperventilate.

So the bottom line... at $25, it's probably not going to be an impulse buy. But if you do any kind of airbrushing or border detailing on your cookies often -- I think you will fall in love the Cookie Swivel in the first 30 seconds of use. I won't be using mine with every cookie, but I will definitely be keeping it at the front of the shelf to use often. you want to try it out? Enter below to win a Cookie Swivel of your very own! Just click Easy Entry before midnight on Friday, March 4, 2016.

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What do you think? Do you have one? Do you love it or hate it?


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