Unconventional Colors Challenge Round Up and a WINNER!!

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like unconventional colors were all over the place this holiday season! It's getting easier and easier to make it through the Christmas season without using up an entire bottle of Super Red icing color. And you guys made some AMAZING holiday cookies using unconventional colors!!! Let's look at a few of my favorites before we announce the winner of the Palette Petal Dust, shall we?


I'm REALLY into this pale blue, red, and white color grouping right now! It's so bright and cheery and those EYES!!! So so adorable!!! You guys should go check out Manny's Cookies on Facebook because she makes THE cutest cookie faces ever!


And these gorgeous white on white cookies from Natalie at Sweet Shop Natalie are proof that no color is necessary for some INCREDIBLE cookies! I love, love, love that you can appreciate the perfect piping and patterns on these sweaters because there is no color getting in the way!


If there was an award for the very most unconventional colors of all... I think it would be this set from Laura of Cadillac Cookies. They are gorgeous and beautiful and the very most opposite of all Christmas colors that ever existed. SOOO well done!!!


If the colors weren't enough, this set from Love Bug Cakes and Cookiesalso has the most adorable Christmas tree ever. And THOSE SLOUCHY SOCKS!!!! I am IN LOVE with those!!! I can't stop looking at them. SO fun! SO cute!

And that brings us to our CHALLENGE WINNER!!!!


Christine from Bakerloo Station made this little army of "scribble snowmen" and I LOVE the outlines and colors!! And that you entered....because now I get to send you a palette of petal dust!! Watch for my email!!

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the WINTER CHALLENGE!!! Go see the rest of the Unconventional Color entries HERE.


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