Decorated Train Valentine's Day Cookies


Valentine's Day used to be my all time favorite holiday. Like, even more favorite than Easter and Halloween and Christmas. I *LOVE* red! And I love Valentine's Day candy best of all the candy in the whole wide world of holiday treats. If you were to put Cadbury Chocolate Eggs and Runts Valentine's Hearts in a room and ask me to choose the one I love best, I would nearly be torn in two pieces, but in the end, you would find me with my arms flung around those mini hearts of deliciousness. And I love... actually that's it. Red and candy. That's what I love.

And then I got older and found out that Valentine's Day was really about boys and flowers and awkward misunderstandings of exactly where you stand in a relationship. And then I didn't like Valentine's Day anymore.

And then I got even older and I no longer cared about awkward. Except now I have a full understanding of the fact that SWIM SUIT SEASON is just around the corner. So...that's an unfortunate twist in my plan to eat only Valentine's Day candy from now until March.

I'm hoping to get older and not care about swimsuit season either by this time next year.

In the mean time... COOKIES!!! Want to make some?

1. Since you only have to wait a couple of minutes between each step, these cookies are super long as you make some white RI transfer circles first. I made them in a couple of sizes because I just didn't know which one I would want. And as it turned out... I wanted BOTH.
2. Using medium thickness icing and a #3 tip, make big ol' circles of green icing for the wheels. Drop a white RI circle in the middle of each one.
3. Add some blue square type shapes. Make sure you leave a hole for a window or you won't be able to see the conductor pulling on the train whistle.
4. Add some gray icing for all that stuff that goes on the bottom of the train. Do you suppose that shield thing in the front is to catch tumbleweeds?
5. Add a light in front, a smoke funnel, a green dot for good looks, a line between the blue squares, and a top to the conductor's compartment. Oooh, and give that guy a window too.
6. Add the details with stiff royal icing.


Grab the cutter HERE.

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Chocolates that are really cookies.

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