Challenge Yourself! -- Puzzle Cookies

I'm so excited about this challenge!! You get to make puzzle cookies! You can use one cutter and divide in half or more. You can do cut out pieces like the heart cookie. You can go all out and make an actual puzzle out of cookies like Jill's incredible cookie puzzles. Make it simple or complex... If it seems puzzly to you... you should do it. And then link it up before midnight on March 23. That's right. PLENTY of time to think about it for a while. And then forget about it. And then remember it again. And make some amazing cookies. And then panic because you're not sure if you missed the date already, but then link it up because you did NOT in fact miss that date. See? Just the right amount of time.

And one lucky linker-upper gets to win THIS ACTUAL COOKIE PUZZLE!!! Except this one is an actual jigsaw puzzle that looks like cookies instead of the other way around. The cookies were made by the amazingly talented Rebecca from The Cookie Architect. If you can't wait to see if it's you, you can also get the puzzle on the Springbok Puzzle website and in Hallmark stores!

Let's recap, shall we? Make a NEW puzzle creation. Link it up here before midnight on March 23 and you could win your very own Cookie Architect puzzle. That's it. So simple. Get to making!


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